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Paul David Hewson, generally known as Bono, is the front man of U2, eminent Irish rock band. He is among the rare music icons who contribute a lot towards charitable causes and issues that affect human sustenance on the Earth. Bono joined the band in his adolescence and since the release of The Joshua Tree, the group’s sixth album, he did not have to look back.


As recognition for his consistent and relentless work for humanitarian causes, he was given Person of the Year award by Time magazine. Besides, he was made the Honorary Knight by Queen Elizabeth II.

Bono played a pivotal role in taking his band U2 to heights of dizzying success last two decades. U2 bagged as many as 22 Grammy Awards so far and included into coveted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


It has been a long and rewarding journey since their first album named ‘Boy’ debuted in 1980. Following the Grammy-winning sixth album, albums like Achtung Baby and Zooropa helped both Bono and U2 strengthen their popularity among fans.

Bono -Family Profile

Below is the detailed profile of Bono’s family


Bono’s Parents – Brendan Robert Hewson and Iris

Bono’s original name is Paul David Hewson. The mother was Protestant while his father, a Roman Catholic. He lost his mother at 14 years of age. This had cast a profound influence on his life and the loss has been a main theme in several songs of his.

Bono’s Siblings- Norman Hewson

Norman is 8 years his senior. He is married to Geraldine. He is a restauranteur and is known to open and run successful restaurants in Ireland and the U.S.

Bono’s Spouse – Ali Hewson


Bono tied the knot with his childhood love Alison in 1982. Alison Hewson found raising their children single handedly difficult as Bono was outside the country most of the times. However, the couple had stood by each other and their conjugal life has been more or less happy. They have 4 kids- two boys and two girls.

Children of Bono and AlisonHewson

  1. Jordan Hewson

Born 1989

Jordan is the eldest child of Bono and his spouse.

  1. Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson

    Born 7 July 1991



Known professionally as Eve Hewson, she is an aspiring actress.

  1. Elijah Bob Patricus Guggi Q

Born 1999

The elder son of Bono is called Elijah commonly.

  1. John Abraham

Born 2001

John is the youngest child of Bono.

Bono Family Net worth


The estimated net worth of Bono Family stands at $600 million.