George Lucas Family

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George Lucas is an American who is a successful producer, screen writer, director and an entrepreneur. He was the founder of Lucas film. He was the company CEO and chairman until he sold the establishment to The Walt Disney Company.

George Lucas

George Lucas is famous and known for directing popular movies Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He is one of the most successful film makers who had been nominated for Academy awards 4 times. His company Lucas film was also very successful.

Lucas Family Profile

Let us take a look at family profile of the George Lucas

Lucas Parents – Dorothy Ellinore Lucas and George Walton Lucas

George Lucas was the son of Dorothy Ellinore Lucas and George Walton Lucas. His parents were owners of a stationer store. His Mother passed away in the year 1989 and his father passed away in the year 1991.

Lucas Siblings – Ann Lucas, Kathleen Lucas and Wendy Lucas

George Lucas had three sisters Ann Lucas, Kathleen Lucas and Wendy Lucas.

George Lucas Spouse(s) – Linda Ronstadt (Ex) and Mellody Hobson

George Lucas was married twice. He first married Linda Ronstadt in the year 1969. Linda belongs to the film industry. Linda Ronstadt was a film editor who has even won an Academy Award for best editing. The couple was separated in the year 1983.

Mellody Hobson

George Lucas was then alone for almost 30 years. He then married Mellody Hobson in the year 2013. They dated each other since 2007 but it took 7 years for the couple to exchange vows. Mellody is the President of Airtel capital Managements.

Children Of George Lucas – Amanda Lucas, Katie Lucas, Jett Lucas and Everest Hobson Lucas

  1. Amanda Lucas

Amanda Lucas

Born – 1981

Amanda Lucas is the eldest daughter of George Lucas. She was adopted by the couple. She is a mixed martial arts champion.

  1. Katie Lucas

Katie Lucas

Born – 1988

Katie Lucas was his second daughter who was also an adopted child of George Lucas. She is film star and acted in Star Wars.

  1. Jett Lucas

jett lucas

Born – 1993

Jett Lucas is the younger brother of Amanda Lucas and Katie Lucas and son of George Lucas. He is also adopted child by the couple. He is an actor and he also acted in Star War which was directed by his father.

  1. Everest Hobson Lucas

Born – 2013

Everest Hobson Lucas is the younger daughter of the couple George Lucas and Mellody Hobson. She is the first biological child, as the rest three were adopted. She was born in the year 2013.

Lucas Family Net worth

George Lucas is currently worth $4.3 billion. This great film director and producer won the life time achievement award in the year 2005 from American Film institute. In the year 2012, he announced his own partial retirement stating that he is no more going to concentrate on block buster films and rather going to work on smaller films.