Howard Stern – Family, Family Tree

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The man who brought the “shock jock” style of radio jockeying to the people of New York in 1982, Stern is a disc jockey, television personality, talk show host, and author. He self-styled himself as the “King of All Media.” He released his bestselling biography titled Private Parts in 1993.


In 2004, Stern turned to satellite radio after he suffered repeated fines and interference from the FCC. Magazines such as Hamptons and WHIRL feature Stern’s photography. Since 2012, he has appeared as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

Howard Stern Family Tree


Let’s take a look at the interesting family tree of Howard Stern.

Howard Stern Parents – Benjamin Stern and Ray Stern

Ben was a part owner of a recording studio at Manhattan called Aura Recording Inc., where commercials and cartoons were produced. He was also an engineer at a radio station in Manhattan called WHOM. He appears frequently on Stern’s radio show. Ray was an inhalation therapist and a homemaker. She appears frequently on Stern’s radio show.


Benjamin and Ray have been married since May 19, 1946.

Howard Stern Siblings – Ellen Stern

Ellen Stern

Born – 1950

Married – Unknown

Ellen is Stern’s elder sister and is described as the being opposite in nature to Stern.

Howard Stern Spouse – Alison Berns (Ex), Beth Ostrosky (current)

Alison Berns

Born – May 26, 1954

An American actress, she is known for her performances in Negligee and Underpants Party (1988), U.S. Open Sores (1989), and Private Parts (1997). Berns married Stern in 1978 and divorced him in 2001. Since November 23, 2001, she has been married to David Simon.

Beth Ostrosky

Born – July 15, 1972


Ostrosky is an American television personality, model, and actress. She has appeared in films like Flirting with Disaster (1996) and Whipped (2000). She has also appeared in television shows such as Casino Cinema (Spike TV) and Filter (G4). She works for Click Models in Boston and New York. She has been showcased on the cover of FHM thrice. She was voted one of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women of the Year. She married Stern in 2008.

Howard Stern Children – Emily Beth Stern, Deborah Stern, Ashley Jade Stern

Emily Beth Stern

Born – May 07, 1983

Married – Unknown

Emily does not aspire to a career in radio. She is interested in spiritual and artistic enterprises. She attends the Romemu synagogue and its Red Tent women’s group in Manhattan. She tries to integrate Jewish practice into Transcendental Meditation practiced by her family. She played the lead in a science fiction rock musical called Earth Sucks.

Howard Stern and Family

Deborah Jennifer Stern

Born – May 09, 1986

Married – Unknown

Not much is known about Deborah.

Ashley Jade Stern

Born – January 24, 1993

Married – Unknown

There is not much information about Ashley.

Howard Stern Net Worth


As of June 2014, Howard Stern is worth US$ 500 million. He is ranked #62 in the Celebrity 100 list.