Jamie Oliver – Family, Family Tree

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Jamie Oliver is a well-known and highly successful celebrity chef and restaurateur. Born James Trevor Oliver in May 27, 1975, he grew up in a pub in Essex and being surrounded by food. Since the start, he has presented over 20 television shows, opened several restaurants and published many successful cook-books.


Jamie first gained his fame with his successful Television series, The Naked Chief that aired on BBC. After the show’s success, he launched his cook-book that flew off the shelves and became the #1 Bestseller in UK. Jamie is also very active in charity. He opened Fifteen, a series of restaurants that have novice staff and train underprivileged people to be good chefs.

Jamie also started a campaign to promote healthy food habits in schools and in children. The Feed Me Better campaign has been garnering support all over the world.


He’s well-recognized for his charitable ventures and his cooking and presenting style is much appreciated by his audience. Because of this, he was inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame in 2013 and has been awarded MBE by the Queen. He is a great promoter of organic, locally sourced food and vegetarian dishes.


Oliver Parents – Sallly and Trevor

Jamie Oliver was born to Sally and Trevor Oliver and grew up in their pub in Clavering, Essex. According to Oliver, his parents have always been publicans, i.e., people who run pubs. Jamie’s grandfather on his father’s side ran a pub in Southend too.

Jamie grew up around food and used to help out in his parents’ and his grandparents’ pubs for pocket-money. The passion for the culinary arts originated from here.


He also has two siblings, Anna-Marie Oliver and Ian Oliver.

Oliver Spouse – Juliette Norton

Oliver married his wife, Juliette Norton, more commonly known as Jools, in July of 2000. The couple has known each since 1993 and were together for seven years before they got married. The couple have been steady together for over 20 years, enjoying a good, stable marriage.


Jools is often described as the backbone of the Jamie Oliver brand. She has been there since the beginning, when he was in school and worked with him in London, where he was mastering his craft.

While Jools considers motherhood her occupation, she is a successful person in her own right. She has written several children’s books and on a few occasions.


Jools is also involved in designing of the Little Bird collection of clothing of children under 5 for the brand Mothercare. She insisted that the clothes be under £15 and the affordable collection was a quick success.


Oliver Children – Poppy Rosie, Daisy Pamela, Petal Rainbow and Buddy Maurice

With his wife, Jamie Oliver has four children, three girls and a boy. They’re named Poppy  Rosie, Daisy Pamela, Petal Rainbow and Buddy Maurice.


It is known that the couple’s first child, Poppy was an IVF baby since Jools has polycystic ovary syndrome. However, after Poppy, all children were conceived naturally.

Oliver’s Net Worth


As of 2014, Jamie Oliver has a net worth of £ 240 million.