Matt Groening – Family, Family Tree

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Comedian, screenwriter, and television producer – Groening is the multitalented creator of The Simpsons, the longest-running entertainment series in 2009 on primetime television. He studied at Evergreen State College and edited the campus newspaper. In 1973, he moved to LA and sold his comic strip “Life in Hell” to the LA weekly.


When he was asked by producer James L. Brooks to create animated shorts for The Tracey Ullman Show, Groening came up with The Simpsons. This show won many Emmy Awards. In 2009, the show beat Gunsmoke to become the longest-running entertainment show on primetime TV.

Matt Groening Family Tree

Let us look in detail into Groening’s family tree.

Matt Groening Parents – Homer Groening and Margaret Wiggum Groening

Homer Groening

Born – December 30, 1919

Homer was a cartoonist, advertiser, writer, and a documentary filmmaker. He was an English major and a World War II vet.

Margaret Wiggum Groening  

Born – March 23, 1919

Margaret was a teacher.

Matt Groening Siblings – Patricia Groening, Lisa Groening, Mark Groening, Margaret Groening


Mark Groening

Born – 1950

Married – Unknown

There is not much information about Mark.

Patricia “Patty” Ann Groening

Born – January 27, 1943

Married – Unknown

Patricia was an art dealer. She died of heart failure on January 24, 2013.

Lisa Groening

Born – 1956

Married – Craig Bartlett

Lisa is a producer and is famous for her work on Christmas at Pee Wee’s Playhouse (1988), Arnold Escapes from Church (1988), and The Arnold Waltz (1990).

Margaret “Maggie” Groening

Born – 1958

Married – Unknown

Margaret is an author.

Matt Groening Spouse – Deborah Caplan (Ex), Agustina Picasso (Current)

Deborah Caplan

Born – Unknown

Deborah is a publisher. She married Groening in 1987 and they got divorced in 1999, after 13 years of marriage.

Agustina Picasso


Born – Unknown

Agustina is an Argentinian artist. She was Groening’s long-time girlfriend before she married him in 2011.

Matt Groening Children – Homer “Will” Groening, Abraham “Abe” Groening, Nathaniel Philip Picasso Groening

Homer “Will” Groening

Born – 1989

Married – Unknown

Not much is known about Homer.

Abraham “Abe” Groening

Born – 1991

Married – Unknown

Not much is known about Abraham.

Nathaniel Philip Picasso Groening

Born – May 2013

Matt’s youngest child is named after writer Nathaniel West.

Matt is stepfather to Agustina’s daughter, Camille.

Matt Groening Net Worth


Groening is estimated to be worth US$ 500 million.