Nick Mason Family

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Pink Floyd made waves with their psychedelic rock and progressive music. We can never forget ‘We Don’t Need No Education’– one of the most iconic songs of all time. Nick Mason is the legendary drummer of Pink Floyd. He is the only original member of the band still remaining.


While Mason was enrolled in an architecture course at Regent Street Polytechnic, he met Rick Wright and Roger Waters, who later became his future bandmates. He first played with them in 1963 in the band called Sigma 6 and then a year later in Screaming Abdabs. In 1965, he also played in the Syd Barrett-led R&B/ blues outfit which turned them into Pink Floyd. He had many hits as a part of Pink Floyd, which include “The Wall”, “The Dark Side of the Moon” and “Wish You Were Here”.


Nick always had a passion for cars and is the proud owner of many vintage cars that include Wartburg,Trabant, an Enzo Ferrari and a Model-T which previously belonged to Laurel and Hardy.

Nick Mason’s Parents – Bill Mason and Sally Mason

He is the son of Bill Mason, a famous documentary film maker and Sally Mason.

Nick Mason’s passion for auto-racing was inherited from his father who was an avid fan of the sport. He introduced Nick to racing while he was quite young. In fact, Nick received his first car- an Aston Martin- from his father while he was still in his teenage years.

Nick Mason’s Siblings – Serena Mason, Sarah Mason, Melanie Mason

Nick Mason has three siblings, all sisters, named Serena, Sarah and Melanie.

Nick Mason’s Spouses – Lindy Rutter, Annette L Mason

1)      Lindy Rutter

Nick Mason was married to Lindy Rutter from 1968-198. He has two daughters with her. Lindy Rutter is quite accomplished at playing the flute and she actually featured in ‘The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party’, from Ummagumma.

2)      Annette Lynton Mason


Annette is Nick Mason’s second wife and the love of his life. He has two sons from her. She is more popularly known by the name “Nettie Mason” and is famous for her adjudication role on Treasure Hunt. They currently live in Hampstead, London. But they often spend days in Corsham, the Wiltshire town, which actually happens to be the former home of Camilla Parker- Bowles.

Nick Mason’s Children

He has two daughters with Lindy Rutter. They are Holly and Chloe Mason. Holly married the racing car star- Marino Franchitti.

He has two sons with Nettie Mason. They are named Cary and Guy.

Nick Mason’s Net Worth


Nick Mason is estimated to have a net worth of $82.5 million.