Robyn Moore – Family, Family Tree

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Robyn Moore is an Australian actress, television personality, voice over artist and a noted public speaker. She was born in Adelaide, Australia in November 4, 1971. She has been a very successful voice over artist for nearly 40 years and while her name might be unknown to some, her voice is familiar to millions.

She has given voice to various TV commercials, radio advertisements and also given voice to popular children’s cartoon characters over the years.


Her radio show, How Green was My Cactus is a long running satire show. The show began in 1987 and it is still recorded every week in Sydney. She gave voice to Blinky Bill and voiced all females in the movies of the franchise. Robyn has also lent her voices to many other comedy shows, her skill much appreciated.

She actively supports the Make a Wish foundation that is dedicated to the welfare of children. She recorded a commercial that raised $14,000 for the charity and since then has been very active in fund raising efforts.


Aside from this, Robyn has acted in a few movies like the Undead and The Horseman. Her other ventures include Daybreakers and The Magic Riddle. When it comes to television series, she has acted in Mortified and All Saints.


Robyn is perhaps most well known for her being married to infamous Mel Gibson. The couple met in late 1970s when she was a dental nurse and he was working for the South Australian Theatre company. They were married on June 7, 1980 in Roman Catholic Church in New South Wales.


The marriage between the two lasted for nearly 26 years before she filed for divorce in April of 2009. The couple had already been separated in July of 2006 but the divorce wasn’t finalized until December 23rd 2011.

For the most part, Robyn and Mel remain amicable and have worked to keep their relationship on a comfortable level for the sake of their children. Robyn retains custody of their minor son.


Their divorce did garner a lot of attention because of the unprecedented settlement of $425 million. Since she was a long time partner of Mel Gibson and was married to him since before his rise to fame; Robyn Moore was entitled to exactly half of his assets.


Robyn has seven children with her former husband. Her eldest child is a girl by the name of Hannah. She was the only girl child born to the couple who went on to have six boys. The eldest of the boys are the twins Edward and Christen, who are 32. William followed them and is now 30, Louis, who is 27 and Milo who is 25 years old.


The youngest, Thomas, was ten when his mother filed for divorce and got custody of him. He is sixteen and in high school.

Robyn Moore also has three grandchildren.

Net Worth


Robyn Moore has an estimated net worth of $ 425 million.