Simon Cowell – Family, Family Tree

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Since the time TV shows existed, there probably hasn’t been a TV sensation like Simon Cowell. The well liked judge of popular shows like X-factor, Britain’s got talent, American Idol and Pop Idol, Cowell had the most talked-about life, both on and off screen. He is known for his sharp criticisms in the shows along with a scandalous life in reality.


Besides being a TV judge, Cowell also owns Syco, the television production and the music publishing house. At the moment, he is featured inthe eighth series of Britain’s Got Talent and the eleventh series of X-factor. He was listed among the 100 most influential people list by Time magazine twice.

Simon Cowell Family

Cowell’s parents – Eric Selig Philip Cowell Sr and Julie Brett

His father Philip Cowell was a real estate agent and a music industry executive. He was a Jewish man whose paternal grandmother was from Poland. He passed away in the year 1999. Simon’s mother Julie Brett was a ballet dancer and a socialite. She has an English descent.


Eric started with very humble beginnings but grew to love the world of showbiz. He met Julie who was a very popular ballet dancer by then on a train. The couple had three kids. While the first kid died due to a problem after two weeks of being born, Simon and Nicholas thrived.

Cowell’s Siblings


Simon Cowell has a brother Nicholas Cowell, three half-brothers – John Cowell, Tony Cowell and Michael Cowell and a half-sister June Cowell. The half brothers and sister were from his father Eric’s other two marriages.


Nicholas Cowell is a popular real estate agent in the UK and seems to have followed his father Eric’s career. He is married and has two kids with whom he resides in London as of today.

Cowell’s Partners

Simon Cowell had a rather scandalous love life and has been linked to a lot of women throughout his career. He was first engaged to MezhanHussainy, a make-up artist. The engagement however did not result in a marriage and was called off.


When Andrew Silverman filed a divorce with his wife Lauren Silverman citing an affair with Simon Cowell in the year 2013, the news became sensational all over. Later, Simon admitted to having an affair with her.

Cowell’s son – Eric Cowell


Simon and Lauren have a kid who was born on 14 February 2014, shortly after the scandal.He had been named after Simon’s father, Eric. After he turned father to Eric, Simon was found quoting to various magazines how he always knew he’d be a good father and how much he loves being one.

Simon Cowell’s Net Worth


Simon Cowell’s current networth is a $ 95 Million.