Troy Landry – Family, Family Tree

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Troy Landry is an extremely famous television artist and is better recognised as his character in the documentary drama ‘Swamp People’ aired on the History Channel. The show first made an appearance on August 22 in the year 2010 and has obtained remarkable ratings since then.


Troy loves being with Mother Nature. When not on the show, the reality star’s favourite pastime is cutting trees. Even his reading inclination encircles around stories associated with the woods and adventure. True to his daring image, this reality star loves eating alligator meat and turtle soap. With the maximum record number of 82 rapped alligators in 24 hours; Troy Landry continues to be the bold heartthrob reality star.

Landry’s Parents

Troy Landry was born to Duffy and Myrtle Landry. Duffy fends for himself even at this age by selling bait to the fishermen in the area. The elderly couple is in the best of spirits even at this age and are enjoying life with their next three generations.

Troy Landry’s parents are seen to make occasional appearance on the show as well. The television artist has a business venture, a service station located in Pierre Part, Louisiana on Highway 70. The star has very fondly named this venture ‘Duffy’s Shell Station’, in recognition to his father. On the other hand, Myrtle basks in the recognition that her son, better known as the ‘King of the Swamp’, has bestowed upon her. The fan following even enjoys taking her autographs and pictures as a celeb mom.

Landry’s Siblings

Troy Landry’s brother Guy Landry is also part of the Swamp People reality show on the History Channel. For the last five generations, the Landrys have been involved in hunting, fishing and trappings; the two brothers have only taken the family tradition ahead through the show.

Landry’s Spouse


Troy Landry is married for the last 30 years to Bernita. The couple resides in Pierre Parte, Louisiana. Bernita is a facilitator by profession at Pierre Part Elementary School and is also a publicist with the History Channel. Their dream house stands beautifully constructed out of wood. The couple are believed to have been saving towards the making of this house for the last 3 decades. They are blessed with three sons and three grandchildren. Troy is mostly seen hunting in striped polo shirts designed by Ralph Lauren that his wife stacks up for him. The star considers this brand and style lucky.

Troy Landry’s Children – Brandon, Jacob and Chase Landry


  1. Brandon Landry – Brandon is also part of the alligator hunting team on Swamp People.
  2. Jacob Landry – Jacob certainly has a mark of his father’s genes in his personality. The only difference being his bigger stature. Jacob made an appearance on the show with his father and has charmed the audience with his sense of humour.
  3. Chase Landry – Swamp People also sees Chase join hands at hunting with his brothers and father.

Troy Landry Net Worth


The net worth of Troy Landry is estimated to be US$650 million.