Tyler Perry – Family, Family Tree

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Tyler Perry was born to Emitty Perry on September 13, 1969. Tyler is a renewed American Actor, filmmaker and author. He has a lot of acclaimed plays and stories to his name. Forbes magazine went on to recognize him as the highest earning men from the film industry for the year of 2010 and 2011. If reports are to be believed he earned a whopping sum of 130 million dollars for the financial year of 2010-2011.


Perry went on to create hundreds of stage plays out of which Madea is a character people are going to remember him for. He created and played the role of elder women in the play. His stint of producing films on full established sets is a thing he is known for. He is known to earn a huge amount of 75 million dollars by the end of the year 2008. Perry’s stage plays have been so successful that they have been acquired as major films across the world.


Tyler Perry Family Tree

Let’s take an intricate look into the family tree of the Tyler Perry

Willie Maxine Perry, the mother of the amazing America actor was married to a carpenter. She died on the 8 of December in the year 2009. She has helped her children in achieving all their dreams by working hard in the factory and by creating real artifacts with her own hands.

Emmbre Perry

Tyler Perry enjoys a causal relationship with his brother Emmbre Perry. They have both worked on the plays together. The contribution of the brother Emmbre was crucial for the plays to be a success.

Emmbre Perry went on to become a big director; in the year 2009 he won many awards for the movie god sent me a man. The movie proved him to be a talented man and since then he has been working with his brother on various projects. Some of them are feature films while a lot of them are stage plays.

Gelila Bekele

Gelila Bekele the contemporary partner of the Tyler Perry now has a child as well. Born on September 6 in the year of 1986, she has been with the Tyler since 2009 till present. She is known for her marvelous modeling career which with time turned into a philanthropic extremist. She works for the welfare of human beings. Her career as a social activist has helped a million of people across the globe.


Charity water is an organization that has registered a huge contribution of Gelila Bekele. A Glimmer of Hope is also grateful to her for the amazing contribution she has done. The passionate philanthropist and the sensuous model is now a mother to a cute baby.

Aman Tyler Perry

Aman Tyler Perry is the name of the kid Beleke gave birth to on 30th November, 2014. Tyler and Beleke both have been a proud parent. Aman Tyler Perry does a cameo every now and then on silver screen and on various red carpet events.


Tyler Perry the god of films and stage plays enjoys a life full of respect and power. The series of awards and appreciations that he has won are irreparable.

Tyler Perry Net Worth


Tyler Perry’s net value is estimated to be 400 Million US Dollars.