Binny Bansal – Family, Family Tree

by Celeb

Binny Bansal is an Internet Entrepreneur and Software Engineer from India. He co-founded an e-commerce platform called Flipkart, with Sachin Bansal. He served as the Chief Operating Officer till January 2016 and got promoted as Chief Executive Officer in the same year. Binny’s age was just 33 years when he became the CEO of the company.

Binny Bansal

Early Life

Binny is from Chandigarh, capital city of Haryana and Punjab. Binny has a business partner named Sachin Bansal. Although they have the same surname, in reality, they are not related to each other. Both Sachin and Binny coincidentally studied computer science engineering in Delhi at Institute of Technology. Binny presently stays in Bangalore. He loves adventure sports and is passionate about white water rafting. He is a bookworm as well and is a fan of Salman Rushdie. He has also been the captain of the Basketball team in his school. Binny used to be a great fan of Chicago Bulls. He is known to be a reserved and shy person.



Binny’s father is a retired chief manager at a bank. His mother works in the government sector. Binny does not have any siblings of his own. He is the only child of his parents. His parents have always been supportive of his works, throughout.


Binny got married to Trisha, who was his girlfriend for many years. Trisha Vasudeva (now Bansal), is an MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Delhi. Binny came in contact with Trisha during his IIT days. Trisha was in Faridabad doing her engineering from YMCA Engineering College. She had gone to submit a certain project in IIT and that is how they both met. They had the relationship going for many years. Binny was in USA for his job, until one day they decided to get married after returning to India.

binny bansal wife

Binny and Trisha got married on 7th February, 2010. The couple stays in Koramangala, Bangalore. Their house is just near the Flipkart Headquarters and Binny’s parents stay in Chandigarh. Binny is currently a home-maker. They are living a happy married life. They do not have any children as yet.


Before founding Flipkart, Binny worked under Amazon for at least nine months. Prior to this, he was rejected by Google, twice. Sachin Bansal and Biny Bansal, both thought of starting a comparison search engine. After giving birth to this idea, they realized that the E-commerce market in India is really small. Therefore, Binny left Amazaon in 2007, and they created Flipkart, an e-commerce company. When Flipkart was not working well, Binny would concentrate on the firm on a day to day basis whereas his partner Sachin, would try to convince investors to bet on his unproven company for 100 crores. This was was quite a difficult task as Flipkart was already fighting for its survival in the E-commerce market.

Before Amazon, Binny worked with a company called Sarnoff Coporation for one and half years. It was here that he created a lane sensor device for cars. This sensore would warn the drivers and beep automatically if they change lanes without giving a proper signal.