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Chris Hughes is widely regarded as one of the most prominent young achievers of the current century. As an extremely young entrepreneur, he has contributed to two of the most important social happenings of the last ten years. Firstly, he was a co-founder of the social networking revolution Facebook and he was also at the helm of the internet campaign for the presidential run of Barack Obama.


Chris Hughes is known for his association with the Facebook project. While the other co-founders of Facebook dropped out of Harvard to work on the Facebook Chris Hughes graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and literature from Harvard University.

While the others in the Facebook organization were associated with the coding and programming aspects of the project, Chris Hughes had his mind focused on the various possibilities to make the project more sociable for the general public. It was his idea to take Facebook outside the walls of Harvard that eventually led to its becoming a social networking platform it has become today.

In 2007, Chris Hughes left the Facebook to become part of the campaign for Obama’s run to become the president. He was authoritatively directing various aspects of the Social networking side of the campaign to get the mass public familiarized with Barack Obama and his electoral ideas.


Chris Hughes Family tree

Let’s look at the family tree of this young entrepreneur Chris Hughes.

Chris Hughes parents Arlen ‘Ray’ Hughes and Brenda Hughes

Arlen Hughes was a newspaper salesman.

His mother Brenda was a teacher, a part of the public school system.

Chris is the only child of Arlen and Brenda and has no siblings.

Chris Hughes’ spouse Sean Eldridge

Sean Eldridge is a rising politician and an investor along with being the president of Hudson River Venures that focuses on investing in small businesses in the New York Hudson river area with good potential.   Sean has also advocated Environmental issues and equal rights for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community.


Born to medical doctors Sean Eldridge studied at the Deep Springs College. He also holds claim to a Philosophy degree from Brown University.

He also ran for the US House of Representatives in 2014 from the 19th Congressional district in New York.

Sean Eldridge joined Freedom to marry, a movement to recognize same sex marriage as the New York senate had been entrusted to do so in 2009 but could not bring it to reality. He was initially handling the duties of a director for communications and then a Political director, contributing his insights to the success of the campaign in 2011.


Eldridge founded Hudson Rivers Ventures with a focus on companies dealing with food and beverages. In 2013, Eldridge founded the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing center, which trains students and workers on the use of 3d printing technology.

Eldridge launched the Protect Our Democracy PAC and New York Leadership for Accountable Government. This was a Bipartisan group of business and civic leaders, who wanted reform in the campaign financing in New York.

Eldridge and Hughes announced their engagement in 2011. In a fitting manner, the announcement was done at a Freedom to marry support reception.

Chris Hughes Net Worth


Chris Hughes Net Worth is estimated to be $850 million