Frederick Smith – Family , Family Tree

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Frederick Smith is best known to be the president, CEO, chairman and founder of FedEx, a Tennessee based courier delivery service provider. He formerly worked with the US Marine Corps, where he observed their delivery and procurement procedures, and gained the knowledge that he used to offer global delivery services through FedEx.

Frederick Smith

In 1971, he used his $4 million inheritance to establish FedEx, and gradually covered the entire world with his fast courier services.

Frederick Smith Parents – Sally Smith & James Frederick Smith

Born in Tennessee, Smith’s was a well-to-do family, but his father had died when he was only 4 years old, and he was brought up by his mother, Sally Smith, and uncles. His father, James Frederick Smith, was the founder of the Smith Motor Coach Company, and also the Toddle House chain of restaurants. Smith suffered from a bone disease in his childhood, and stayed crippled until the age of 10. Later, he learned to fly, and became an excellent football player.

Frederick Smith Spouse

Diane Smith

In 1969, Frederick married Linda Black Grisham, but divorced in 1977. Later, he married Diane Smith, with whom he has five daughters and three sons. He has 10 children in total.

Frederick Smith Friends

During his college years at the Yale University, Smith had developed friendship with George W. Bush, who was also his fraternity brother at DKP. He is also known to have friendly relations with John Kerry.

Frederick Smith Children

Windland Smith Rice was the first daughter of Frederick Smith, who was a professional photographer specializing in animals and nature. She was married to Jeffery Scott Rice, and died in 2005 due to Long QT Syndrome Type 2.
Richard Smith is a businessman, editor and medical doctor by profession.

Windland Smith Rice
Molly Smith is Smith’s daughter, who is an American film producer, best known for her films like The Blind Side in 2009, and P.S. I Love You in 2007. The later was dedicated to her dead sister Windland Smith Rice.

Molly Smith
Arthur Smith is a writer and alternative comedian, who has won several awards and nominations for his standup performances and play roles.

Cannon Smith
Cannon Smith is Frederick’s youngest son, and is a businessman, film actor, producer, and football player.

Net Worth

Frederick Smith

Frederick Smith has a net worth of US $ 3.3 billion. In 2015, he ranked 171 on Forbes 400 list, and 144 on the list of billionaires in the US.