Harold Hamm – Family , Family Tree

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Harold Glenn Hamm is an American oil and gas tycoon who is best known for owning the Continental Resources and leading the development of the Bakken formation’s shale oil resources. He was born on December 11, 1945 in Lexington, Oklahoma and graduated from the Enid High School. Hamm owns a major portion of the Hiland Partners as well as the Hiland Holdings, apart from his own company.

Harold Hamm

He has worked really hard to achieve all that he has today. Harold Hamm had started off with repairing cars and pumping gas into people’s cars and today is the CEO of Oklahoma’s biggest oil corporation. Apart from spending his energy on business related ventures, he remains politically involved and supported Mitt Romney in his presidential campaign of 2012 against Barack Obama.

Let us look at the esteemed Hamm Family

Hamm Parents – Leland Albert Hamm & Jane Elizabeth Hamm

Harold’s parents were cotton sharecroppers who would rent out their land in return for crop supplies. The family had a limited source of income and his father Leland would work really hard for providing for the family. Harold’s mother, Jane helped out at home by taking care of the children and raising them. The couple had a total of 13 children and Harold was their youngest child.

Hamm Spouse – Judith Ann Hamm & Sue Ann Hamm

Sue Ann Hamm

Harold Hamm has been married twice and has had the same number of divorces, so far. His first wife was Judith and he divorced her in the year 1987. They have a total of 3 children together. The next year after that in April, he got married to Sue Ann, who is an economist and a lawyer. The marriage lasted 26 years and they filed for divorce in 2014. Their divorce was finalized in 2015 and Sue Ann received a total of 975 million USD in settlement. Hamm has two daughters from this relationship.

Hamm Children – Tom, Shelly, Deana, Hilary & Jane

Harold has 5 children from his two marriages, a son and four daughters.Tom Hamm is the only son of Harold Hamm. He was born from the first marriage. Shelly and Deana are his siblings while Hilary and Jane are his half-sisters.

Jane Hamm

Shelly Hamm Lambertz & Deana Hamm are two daughters of Harold from his first marriage.Hilary & Jane are the youngest two daughters from his second marriage.

Net Worth

Harold Hamm

As of 2015, Harold Hamm has a net worth of 9 billion USD. This makes him the 96th richest person in the world and the 37th richest in the US.