Harry Oscar Triguboff – Family, Family Tree

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Harry Oscar Triguboff was born on 3rd March 1933 in Dalian, Chuna. He is an Australian property developer living in Sydney and is one of Australia’s richest people.

Harry Oscar Triguboff

He is also known as High-rise Harry and is the founder and managing director of Meriton. He was the Wealthiest person in Australia in the year 2016. He is famous for his huge collection of cars.



Harry Oscar Triguboff’s parents were Russian-Jews. His father was a builder.

Wife and Children:


Harry Oscar Triguboff has been married twice. He has two daughters from his first marriage, Orna and Sharon. Later, he married Rhonda Triguboff. They live together in Sydney and are involved in philanthropist activities together. Recently they held up a green meeting with the patrons of Raanaa for the soldiers who immigrated to Israel without their parents’ company.


Daniel Hendler

Daniel Hendler is the grandson of Harry Oscar and was born in the year 1992. He went to University of technology, Sydney to study property Economics and graduated in 2015. The 24 year old starts on his first project a four-level, 41-unit building in northwest area of Sydney. Ariel Hendler is the brother of Daniel who is studying Property Economics at The University of technology, Sydney.

Early life and Education of Harry Oscar Triguboff:

Early life and Education of Harry Oscar Triguboff
Harry Oscar Triguboff moved to Australia in 1947 and went to The Scots College in Sydney. Later, he joined University of Leeds, England where he graduated with a degree in textiles. From an early age, he was interested in cottages built in Sydney. His father exposed him to business and entrepreneurship. After that he started working with a textile business set up in Israel and South Africa.

business and entrepreneurship

In the year 1961, he came back to Australia and gained Australian citizenship. He tired his luck with various jobs like owning a milk round, a taxi fleet, working as a lecturer in university but he was not successful anywhere. Then he decided to buy a land in Roseville and began to construct his house with an incompetent builder because of who he had to finish the house himself.


He always wondered about the attractive cottages and the rent associated with them. This sense of wonder led him to build his first apartment at Tempe. He put his minds to work to manage funds from various banks and societies. Being a team player, he along with his employees was able to deliver unique apartments at compelling and competitive prices in the market. Gradually he started expanding his business to Gold Coast and Brisbane. To fulfill the needs of various customers, he started renting out 6000 of his own apartments with Airbnb. With this tactic he attracted more clients towards his apartments. He has convinced many clients from China to invest in apartments in the large areas of Melbourne as Australian apartments have been mostly dominated by the Chinese.

Achievements of Harry Oscar Triguboff:

Achievements of Harry Oscar Triguboff
He was the first person to win Australia’s Property Person of the Year award twice in 2003 and 2009.
In 2015, he was Australia’s biggest residential property developer.
He was also listed under the annual BRW list of Top 200 rich people.

Career of Harry Oscar Triguboff:

Harry Oscar Triguboff is the managing director of Meriton Apartments. In the year 2015 alone the Meriton had built over 55000 residential apartments and townhouses.

Net worth of Harry Oscar Triguboff:

Harry Oscar Triguboff net worth is $10.62 billion in the year 2016. Forbes Magazine listed him on rank 262 in the list of Wealthiest Billionaire in its annual list in 2015.