James Irving – Family , Family Tree

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James (J.K) Irving was born on March 20, 1928. He is a Canadian business magnate. He has forestry business and his group controls various other businesses including Food and Home Building, Irving’s Media Holdings etc. After entrusting most of the business duties to his sons, he is now focusing on conservationism.

James Irving

After the demise of his father K C Irving in the year 1992, he took over the responsibility and ownership of the companies including J.D. Irving Limited., and Brunswick News. The conglomerate J.D. Irving Limited, which is one of the largest private firms in Atlantic Canada, has interests in frozen food, building supplies, newsprint, pulp and paper, ship building, shipping lines and transportation. As part of the expansion spree, he owns more than 300 subsidiaries.

He was an officer of Order of Canada in 1996 and a member at Order of New Brunswick in the year 2010. He was also a member of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame. He was also engaged in preserving the Atlantic Salmon. He also started Parters Assisting Local Schools Program for the schoolchildren Saint John N.B.

James Irving’s Parents – K C Irving & Harriet MacNaim

K C Irving

James Irving’s father K.C. Irving was an industrialist. He is the eldest son of James D Irving. K.C. Irving diversified his business that included sawmill business, the energy business and retail food processing.

James Irving’s Spouse – Emila

James Irving was married to Emila Irving, who was born in 1897in Queens, New York.

James Irving’s Siblings – Arthur Irving, John E Irving

James Irving’s Siblings

James Irving’s siblings are Arthur Irving, and John (Jack) Irving. Arthur Irving was born in the year 1931. He is most flamboyant and social when compared to the other two siblings. He is the head of energy business. John (Jack) Irving was born in the year 1932. He inherited real estate holdings. His wise investments offered rich dividends.

James Irving’s Children

Jim Jr Irving, Robert Irving, Judy Irving & Mary Jean

James Irving has two sons namely Jim Jr., and Robert. He also has two daughters namely Judy and Mary Jean. Jim Jr., is operating the forestry business. Jim Jr., has one son (Jamie) and one daughter (Kate). Robert’s businesses include trucking to diapers. He also controls J.D. Irving Ltd’s Moncton branch operations. Jude has a strong marketing background. She recently divested the Hawk Communications Firm. Mary Jean is a born leader. She is operating Moncton based Packaging firm and PEI based potato farms. She also owns land in the East Coast.


James Irving has a networth of US$6.3 Billion. He along with his brother Arthur Irving ranks 4th in the richest persons list of Forbes in Canada.