Jason Jiang – Family, Family Tree

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Jason Nanchun Jiang was born in the year 1973 in Shanghai, China. He is a 44 year old entrepreneur, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ‘Focus Media’, a leading digital media company set up in 2003 in China. Focus Media deals with LCD displays, In-store network, Billboard network, etc.

Jason Nanchun Jiang

The group is advertising latest products from major brands like Pepsi, KFC, Motorola, etc. all over China.
Jason Jiang is married and resides in Shanghai, China with his wife. With his roots in Shanghai and Focus’ headquarters too, he aspires to develop the group more in coming times focusing on the development of his hometown.

Early Life and Education of Jason Jiang:

Jason Jiang
Jason Jiang received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese language and literature from the Huadong Normal University in the year 1995. He is also attended the CEO programme by Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), which is an independent non-profit business school situated in Beijing, China.

Jason served as the CEO of Everease Advertizing Corporation from 1994 to 2003. Later in 2003, he joined as the General Manager of Aiqi Adertising; soon renamed as Focus Media Advertising. He invented the brand by a simple idea of replacing posters with advertisements or brand promotions with video screens to gather people’s attention.

Jason served as the CEO

As global companies were eager to invest in China, his simple idea bore fruits and turned him into a billionaire. Focus Media is the 2nd best seller of Web advertising with over 10,000 employees.

Jason Jiang’s Career:

Jason Jiang’s Career

Soon after joining Focus Media in the year 2003 Jason Jiang became the Chairman and CEO of the group. Today top brands like Lenovo, Pantene, etc. have collaborated with Focus Media to promote their brands all over China. In 2007, the group bought China’s largest online ad agency; Allyes Information Technology Company. The Company later went private in the year 2013 after ending trade with NASDAQ. Focus Media today has 1, 90,000 screens in over 90 cities. The screens from Focus Group can be found advertising in office buildings, supermarkets, elevators, etc.

The group is now moving towards cell phones, digital television, movie theaters and online computer games with an aim to target countries like India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore along with China.
Listed among the top 20 young billionaires by China.org, the self-made man Jason has successfully made Focus Media reach at the top in media industry with the help of out-of-the-box-models and strategies. Procter & Gamble’s brand manager once quoted that Jiang has transformed China’s advertising landscape. Jason Jiang is one of the major businessmen in China today.

Achievements and Recognition of Jason Jiang:

Achievements and Recognition of Jason Jiang
In September 2003, he was chosen as “Contemporary Outstanding Advertising Media Personalities” by the Television and Newspaper Committees of the China Advertising Commission. He was also selected as one of the ‘Media People of the Year’ in the same year by China News Publisher’s Media Magazine. He is also the guest professor for the Advertising Department of Shanghai Normal University.

Net Worth of Jason Jiang:

According to the Forbes Lists of billionaires, Jason’s net worth is $4.1 billion. His wealth ascended in the year 2016 when he moved the listing of Focus Media from the Nasdaq to the Shenzhen Exchange by backdoor listing. By the end of 2016, Focus Media’ market sprouted by $17 billion which was just $3 billion while being associated with Nasdaq. He was at 30th place in China’s Rich list in 2016. He was also listed among the top 300 billionaires in the world in the same year standing at 240th place.