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Jia Yeuting is a Chinese entrepreneur and the founder of Letv, now known as Le Eco. Jia formed this organization and he is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. LE Eco is considered to be China’s most popular online video sites. According to Forbes magazine, Jia holds the 557th position in the list of billionaires over the world. Le Eco mainly deals with small gadgets, internet TV, video production and even e commerce.

Jia Yeuting

Early Life

Early life

Jia Yeuting was born in the year 1973 in Xianfen county,  which is located at Shanxi province of North China.  After completing his post graduation degree in business administration, Jia started working as a technical support person in the tax office of Shanxi province. He was not satisfied with his job and therefore left the company within a year and opened his own technical consultancy firm.



Jia Yeuting is a 43 years old man who lives in China with his wife.


In the year 2002, Jia formed a wireless telecom company called Sinotel Technologies and then again he opened another enterprise known as Xbell Union Communication Technology in the year 2003. Finally in the year 2004, Jia established LeEco and from that time, the company started growing at a huge rate.  Just as, YouTube is popular among us in the genre of online video portal, in the same way Le Eco is the only and the most known online video portal in China.


Jia slowly expanded his business into other directions, like the company started producing smartphones under the brand of the mother company.  Le1, Le1 Pro, Le Max and Le 1s are the different smartphones launched by Le Eco. Not only smartphones but also the organization came up with a music channel, a sports channel, smart TV, Letv cloud computing and self driving car which was launched this year.


As the business was growing at the good pace the company decided to expand its horizon. Now, Le Eco has its presence both in United States of America and in India.