Joseph Safra – Family , Family Tree

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Joseph Safra is a businessman, banker, investor and philanthropist from Brazil. He is largely known as the man behind the Safra Group and serves all branches of it as Chairman. Joseph was born in 1939 in Aleppo, Syria and his family from the beginning had been involved in the banking business.

Joseph Safra

Soon after moving to Brazil from Syria, he got into the business of banking and started Banco Safra in the year 1955; it currently is the 6th largest banking group in all of Brazil. Apart from being highly business minded, Safra and his family are known for being highly charitable and supporting various organizations engaged in uplifting humanity.

Let us now look at the esteemed Safra Family

Safra ParentsJacob Safra & Esther Safra


Joseph’s father was Jacob Safra, who was a banker of Lebanese origin. He was engaged in banking and gold trading business which covered the regions of Alexandria, Aleppo and Istanbul. Jacob had connections with the Ottoman Empire and married his cousin Esther with whom he had a total of four sons and four daughters. Joseph was their third son.

Safra Siblings – Elie Safra, Edmond Safra, Moise Safra, Evelyn Safra, Gabi Safra, Arlette Safra & Ughette Safra

Elie Safra

Elie was the oldest brother of Joseph Safra and their parents’ oldest child.

Edmond SafraX

Edmond Safra

Edmond was also Joseph’s brother and was responsible for helping establish the family business with their father Jacob, in Brazil. He married Lily Watkins. Edmond donated most of his wealth to his foundation named Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation.

Moise Safra

Moise Safra

Moise was younger than Joseph and was involved in the banking business just like the rest of his family.

Evelyn Safra – Evelyn was Joseph’s sister and oldest daughter of Jacob and Esther Safra.

Gabi Safra – Gabi was another sister of Joseph’s.

Arlette Safra – Arlette is Joseph’s third sister.

Ughette Safra – Ughlette is the youngest of Safra sisters that Joseph has.

Safra Spouse – Vicky Sarfa

Vicky Safra

Joseph is married to Vicky Sarfati and the couple has four children.

Safra Children – Jacob, Esther, Alberto & David

Joseph has 3 sons and a daughter with wife Vicky. Jacob, Alberto and David are their sons while Esther is their only daughter.

Net Worth

Joseph Sephra Image

As of 2015, Joseph Safra has a net worth of USD 15.1 billion. This makes him the 52nd richest person in the world and the 2nd richest in Brazil.