Kevin Systrom – Family, Family Tree

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Kevin Systrom was born on 30th December 1983 at Holliston, Massachusetts. He is one of the co-founders behind the mobile app known as Instagram. Kevin is a renowned Entrepreneur, programmer and code developer.

Kevin Systrom

He went to Middlesex School, Concord for his schooling and there he first came to knew about computer programming. His interest for programming grew older and when he started to play DOOM 2.


To prank on his friends he invented a messenger account that looks like an account has been hacked. In 2006 he got his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in Management Science and Engineering. In Stanford University he was chosen among 12 students to take part of the Mayfield Fellows Program. As he was working in an internship with Odeo, later the program is now known as Twitter.

Career of Kevin

Career of Kevin

At the starting, Kevin was working for Google as Associative Production Market Manager; He worked there for two years. Leaving Google he joined Burbn but in the later stage, Kevin with few others knew that Burbn has a lot of features. For people, these features would be a burden. Kevin left Burbn and started to work on photo sending and receiving the app. In 2010 Kevin with Mike Krieger stated Instagram in San Francisco California. In the beginning of Second quarter of 2012 Instagram was purchased by Facebook for the price of $1 billion. Still, now Kevin looks after Instagram which has to contain more features than just photo app.

Kevin Systrom’s Parents

Kevin Systrom’s Parents

Douglas Systrom is the proud father of Kevin. He used to work for TJX Company in the post of Human Resource Vice President. Douglas is a very simple person with basic needs. Diane Systrom is the loving mother of Kevin. She is the one who influenced Kevin for programming. Diane started to work with and later worked with Zipcar.

At her working periods, she had influenced many people to look programming technology as a boom. Along with his mother, Kevin was learning much more about programming. Diane is one of the most cheerful people with lots of energy and good personality.

Kevin Systrom’s Wife

Nicole Schuetz

Kevin first met Nicole Schuetz at Alma Mater held at Stanford. Soon they fell in love with each other and got engaged just two years after at Thanksgiving event. Only friends and family members were invited to the ceremony, dated 21st January 2016. Nicole is smart, beautiful and talented. She is a business person and a good entrepreneur. Nicole is the founder of Sutro Energy Group which was started at 2014. The group works to provide good and clean energy to the surrounding.

Kevin Systrom’s Children

Kevin and Nicole are young couples and they are not having any children’s till date. It is up to both of them when the rich couple wants to become parents.

Kevin Systrom’s Net worth



Kevin did not have a fortune of his own and everything that he has now is through his hard works. He is the true example that only knowledge is not enough but to work up to that knowledge is everything. He was having the idea of sharing instant photos and videos among friends. His vision of sharing photos became true with Instagram application. He sold the Instagram to facebook but is still working with Instagram. Kevin is having a net worth of $1.2 billion.