Mark Shuttleworth – Family, Family Tree

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Mark Richard Shuttleworth’s claim to fame is that he is the first citizen of an independent African country to travel to space. He flew to the International Space Station as a part of the crew of Soyuz mission TM34 post training for a year in Star City (Russia). He established the company Canonical Ltd.


As of 2013, he is a leader for the Ubuntu operating system. He has dual citizenship, that of South Africa and United Kingdom. In 1996, he founded an Internet commerce security company called Thawte while studying at the University of Cape Town (Finance and IT). In 2000, he set up an investment company called HBD. He founded the Shuttleworth Foundation to support leaders in society.

Mark Shuttleworth Family Tree

Let us look at Shuttleworth’s interesting family tree.


Mark Shuttleworth Parents – Richard Dalton Shuttleworth and Ronelle Shuttleworth

Richard is a surgeon and Ronelle is a nursery school teacher.

Mark Shuttleworth Siblings

It is not known whether Shuttleworth has any siblings.

Mark Shuttleworth Spouse


Shuttleworth is unmarried. He has a girlfriend for the last 2 years, Claire Newman. They live together in the Isle of Man.

Mark Shuttleworth Children

Shuttleworth does not have children. He underwent a vasectomy and does not plan to have any children.

Mark Shuttleworth Net Worth


Mark Shuttleworth is estimated to have a current net worth of US$ 500 million.