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Michael Otto is a German businessman and philanthropist. He is best known as the Chairman of the Otto Group that operates the world’s largest mail order company. The group is also behind the world’s second biggest online retailer giant, Amazon.com. Otto was born on April 12 1943, in Chełmno (Kulm), which at the time was Nazi occupied Poland.

Michael Otto

He comes from the influential Otto family and attended the University of Hamburg and the University of Munich for higher studies. Michael is known for being very giving and charitable as he supports numerous organizations that stand up for humanitarian as well as environmental causes.

Let us now look at the magnificent Otto Family

Otto Grandparents – Adolph Wilhelm Otto & Frieda Otto

Michael’s grandfather was Adolph Wilhelm Otto, the famed German Anatomist. After he attained his higher education, he worked as a physician and a prosecutor at Carl August Wilhelm Berends’ Clinic. The man was also appointed as a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. He married Frieda Otto.

Otto ParentsWerner Otto & Eva Haffner Otto

Werner Otto

Werner Otto was Michael’s father and the man responsible for strengthening the foundation for the family’s business ventures. He was married three times in his lifetime and his first wife was Eva Haffner, who was Michel’s mother. The couple also had a daughter named Ingvild. Werner had 2 more sons and a daughter from his other marriages to Jutta Becker and Maren.

Otto SiblingsIngvild, Frank, Katharina & Alexander

Michael Otto Siblings

Ingvild is Michael’s younger sister and they share the same mother. Frank is Michael’s half-brother from his father’s second marriage. Katharina and Alexander are his half-siblings from his father’s third marriage.

Otto SpouseChristl Otto

Christl Otto

Michael Otto is married to Christl and they reside together in Hamburg, Germany. Christl just like her husband likes to lead a private life, but is a passionate supporter of many charitable causes along with Michael. The couple has 2 children.

Otto Children – Benjamin


Otto has two children. His son Benjamin works for the Otto Group and will take over as the next successor soon enough. He has one more child whose name’s not public yet.

Net Worth

Michael Otto Image

As of 2015, Michael Otto has a net worth of 16.3 billion USD. This makes him the 50th richest man in the world and the 5th richest in his native Germany.