Muhammad Yunus – Family, Family Tree

by Celeb

Muhammad Yunus is a renowned Bangladeshi economist, civil leader, social entrepreneur as well as a popular banker. He is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for having founded the innovative and progressive ‘Grameen Bank’ and making breakthroughs in introducing pioneering microfinance and micro-credit concepts in the country.


The Grameen Bank allows loans to candidates that do not qualify for loans from other banks due to their impoverished conditions.

Born on the 28th of June in 1940, Muhammad was raised in the small village of Bathua in the Chittagong district of the present Bangladesh.

In 1944, after his family shifted to Chittagong city, Muhammad went on to attend the Lamabazar Primary School after his village school. He passed his matriculation exams from the Chittagong Collegiate School and was ranked 16th out of an astounding 39,000 students in the then Eastern Pakistan. In 1957, Muhammad enrolled at the Dhaka University to study economics and earned a B A degree in 1960 and went on to get an M A in 1961.

Afrozi Yunus (Ex-Spouse)


Muhammad Yunus married Afrozi Yunus, a professor of physics are the Dhaka-based Jahangirnagar University, in 1980.

Vera Forostenko (Ex-Spouse)

Vera Forostenko was married to Muhammad Yunus from 1970 to 1979. Vera is a graduate from the Vanderbilt University.

Hazi Dula Mia Shoudagar and Sufia Khatun (Parents)

Muhammad Yunus was born to Sufa Khatun, a house-maker, and Hazi Dula Mia Shoudagar. His father was a jeweller by profession. Muhammad was the 3rd in total 9 children to the couple.

Monica Yunus (Daughter)


Monica Yunus was born to Muhammad Yunus and Vera Forostenko in 1979. She is currently a soprano singer and has performed with various renowned American operas till date. Monica married Brandon McReynolds in 2009.

Deena Afroz Yunus (Daughter)

Deena Afroz Yunus was born to Muhammad Yunus and Afrozi Yunus in 1986.

Muhammad Yunus has also received the US Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 as well as the Congressional Gold Medal the next year in 2010. In February of 2011, Muhammad, in collaboration with Hans Reitz, Sophie Eisenmann and Saskia Bruysten started the Yunus Social Business – Global Initiatives, also known as YBS. It is aimed at helping to make social businesses stronger and solve various socio-economic problems at a global level.


In 2012, Muhammad was also elected Chancellor of the Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. Apart from this, he is also an advisor to the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. He has been a professor of economics at the Chittagong University, Bangladesh. He is the renowned founder of the Grameen Foundation micro-credit bank and the Grameen America as well.


Muhammad Yunus is also on the board of directors of the United Nations Foundation, a social charitable organization established in 1998 by Ted Turner a renowned American philanthropist.