Patrick Soon-Shiong – Family , Family Tree

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Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is a South-African born American medical researcher, surgeon, businessman and philanthropist of Chinese origin. He is known for establishing the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for Advanced Health, the Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation and also for being the Chairman and CEO of the Healthcare Transformation Institute, NantWorks LLC., and National LambdaRail.

Patrick Soon-Shiong

Born on July 29th, 1952 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Soon-Shiong went on to graduate from the University of Witwatersrand, University of British Columbia and UCLA in Medicine and Surgery. He also holds a minority stake in the Los Angeles Lakers and is known for being highly giving and supporting various charities across the globe that promote health-related projects.

Let us now look at the great Soon-Shiong Family

Soon-Shiong Parents – Chan Soon-Shiong

Patrick’s parents were from China and they were forced to leave their country during the World War II as a result of the Japanese occupation. The family shifted base to South Africa, where Patrick was born. His father Chan worked as a grocer and seller of Chinese herbal remedies to cure ailments. Both his parents worked really hard to provide for the family and for Patrick’s education and being highly intelligent from the very beginning led him to graduate from University on a scholarship.

Soon-Shiong Spouse – Michelle B. Chan

Michelle B. Chan

Patrick is married to Michelle B. Chan, who is a former actress and philanthropist. She is best known for her role as Mei Jan in the television series MacGyver. Apart from that she has also appeared in movies like the American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt, the American TV Show, Hotel and the Canadian TV show called Danger Bay. Michelle, along with her husband is known to support various charities and organizations.

They have donated billions in funds so far to charities standing up for various causes. In the year 2007, they gave away a staggering billion US dollars to the Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation in order to have better healthcare facilities for the community. The couple has also donated 135 million USD to Saint John’s Health Center and a 100 million USD to Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital. The couple has 2 children.

Soon-Shiong Children – 2 children

Partick and Michelle Soon-Shiong are known to have a total of two children together, a son and a daughter.

Net Worth

Patrick Soon

As of 2015, Patrick Soon-Shiong has a net worth of 12.5 billion USD. This makes him the 96th richest person in the world and the 37th in the United States.