Phillip Frost – Family, Family Tree

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Phillip Frost is a Jewish from birth born in Southern Philadelphia in 1936. He is one of those Billionaire entrepreneurs who were having nothing since the beginning. Everything that Phillip is having now is built from a scratch.

Phillip Frost

His main work was to develop various companies dealing in Pharmaceutical and selling them at a higher price. All the pharmaceutical companies that were being sold were all having developed procedures to deal with a modern medical era.

Public Life:

Public Life

He is currently holding the position of CEO in Opko Health Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics organization. From the early times, he was having a mind of a businessman.


With his ability to think forward and making proper decisions, he was able to earn higher profits. Phillip was having love of patients and made many things to keep people healthy around the globe.

Phillip Frost’s Parents and Early Childhood:

Early Childhood

Phillip was a normal boy who lived with his parents in Italy.


His father was not a rich person and owned a shoe store at an Italian Market. The house where they were living was just above the shoe store.


Phillip was the youngest son among his two other young brothers. The life that Phillip was having at that time was very hard. Every day was a big hurdle for him and to his family. Since Childhood Phillip started to work from the age of thirteen. He got a nice job in a hardware shop and learned the tactics of selling from there.

Phillip Frost’s Education:

Phillip Frost’s Education

After completing school studies Phillip went to a Paris University in France for higher studies from 1955 to 1956. He did not complete his studies there and went to Pennsylvania University and was graduated in French Literature Major in 1957. While he was pursuing his degree in French Literature he was having medical conditions and had to visit a Dermatologist.

French Literature Major

Visiting the Dermatologist inspired him to take Dermatology as a career option. But to take the course as an MD he was not having much money. Still, he was able to get a scholarship and went to New York City of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. From there he became MD in 1961 and started working as a researcher in Maryland at National Institute of Health.

Phillip Frost’s Wife


Patricia Orr Frost:

Phillip is married to Patricia who was a principal in elementary school. Both the couples are still in love and they are also working together in many of the social works. Phillip bought a mushroom miniature garden as a gift when they both went on their first date. Afterward, their love for artworks increased and they started to buy them.

patrica orr

They were having so many artworks that they were not having enough space even to keep them. Currently, the loving couple is residing in Star Island on a large property of 6 Acres.


Philip and his wife Patricia don’t have any kids as per now.

Phillip Front’s Net Worth

Phillip Front’s Net worth

Phillip started to work from an early age in a hardware shop and now he owns a company. He is one of the major investors and owns many shares in big companies. Phillip is having a Net worth of $ 3.3 Billion.