Pierre Castel – Family , Family Tree

by Celeb

Pierre Castel is a businessman and philanthropist from France. He is known for being the co-owner of the Castel Group, a French drink and beverage company that he and his 8 siblings established. The corporation is involved in producing beer, wine and soft drinks and functions in almost all of Europe and the African continent as well.

Pierre Castel

In France, the company owns as many as 21 vineyards and 1,600 hectares of vineyard land in Africa and ends up producing a total of 640 million bottles of wines annually. The man also serves the Patriarche Corporation as its CEO and Chairman and the Cassiopee Ltd as its President.

Let us now look at the grand Castel Family

Castel Parents

Pierre was born to poor parents who had arrived in France from a Spanish village. His mother and father worked together at a vineyard to provide for the large family. The couple already had 5 sons and Pierre their youngest and 6th child was born there. After him, they had 3 more daughters. Since Pierre was not great at studies, he did not pursue education after completing his high school and pursued work soon after to make a living and support his family.

Castel Siblings – 5 brothers & 3 sisters

Pierre had 5 older brothers and 3 younger sisters. Along with his siblings, Pierre was responsible for establishing the Castel Group and turning it into one of the world’s most successful corporations ever.

Castel Spouse

Pierre is married and he and his wife reside together in their home in Geneva, Switzerland. The couple likes to stay out of the limelight and prefers leading a quiet life.

Castel Children

Although, it is known that Pierre Castel does have children, their names have not been made public yet.

Net Worth

Pierre Castel

As of 2015, Pierre Castel has a net worth of 9.8 billion USD. This makes him the 166th richest person in the world and the 6th richest in France.

Pierre Castel has come a long way from selling wine which was given to the family as a form of payment when they initially worked at a French vineyard. Today the corporation is the third largest winemaker in the world and functions in all of Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia and North America. The company and the man behind it have won many accolades and awards for their service to the wine industry.