Ronda Stryker – Family, Family Tree

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Ronda Stryker was born in 1954 and she spends her childhood in Kalamazoo near Westnedge Hills. She completed her graduation from Norrix and attended college at Northern Colorado University where she received certification in teaching.

Ronda Stryker

After the death of her parents, she moved to live with her grandfather Homer Stryker when she was only 22 with Patricia and Jon.

In the starting of her career, she joined South Junior High School and started teaching there. She moved to Northeastern Elementary School, Kalamazoo in 1977 to started to teach again. While teaching she also attained Master’s Degree and after pursuing she started to work in Starr Commonwealth, Albion. Ronda inherited Stryker Corporation from her grandfather.


She is currently the owner and governing body of family business. In 2013 she received lifetime woman achievement award from YWCA for her dedicated work as a role model for all women.

Ronda Stryker’s Grandfather


Homer Stryker is the grandfather of Ronda and was born on 4th November 1894 at Wakeshma Township. He was a businessman, Inventor, Orthopedic Surgeon and founder of Stryker Corporation. He completed his graduation from High School of Athens and received a certification in teaching from Western Michigan University in 1916. The starting off his career he was teaching in a school which was having only one classroom.


He completed his degree in Doctor of Medicine from Medical School of Michigan University in 1925 and worked in University Hospital as an intern. In 1935 he first invented walking casts with rubber heel and a hospital bed that reduced the bedsores incidence. His invention of electric saw for cutting casts made him popular in 143. His new invention was patent in 1947. He was able to found the company by 1946 under the name Orthopedic Frame Company Inc. Homer was retired on 2nd January 1964 and changed the company’s name to “Stryker Corporation”.

Ronda Stryker’s Parents

Lee Stryker

Lee Stryker was the only child of Homer Stryker. When he was grown enough to take his own decisions he left his father. Homer was not having enough time to check for business as he was busy with his inventions. He asked Lee to join him and it brought Lee and his wife Betty back to Kalamazoo carrying young Ronda in their hands. When Lee became the president in early 1969 the business was having much higher profits.

Ronda Stryker’s Siblings

Patricia A Stryker:

Patricia A Stryker

Patricia is also known as Pat, born in 1956 is a Philanthropist, Business person, and Political Activist. She is the founder of Bohemian Foundation which is a community for Music and Arts. She owns a Sommer Vineyard which she bought in 1999 that covers 32 Acres in Alexander Valley, California. The Vineyard was sold in 2016, as she wanted only to focus on Bohemian Foundation and Politics.

Jon Lloyd Stryker:

Jon Lloyd Stryker

Jon was born in 1958 and is a social activist, architect, and a philanthropist. There are many stocks under his wings which amount in billions and heir of the family business. He founded Arcus Foundation that supports LGBT and great Ape conservations.

Ronda Stryker’s Husband


In 1983 Ronda married to Johnston who was a Mattawan High School principal at that time. Johnston always admires the work of his wife and appreciates her very well. He also praises the work of Ronda as how she developed herself and became mature to run the family business. Johnston left the school and is currently working as a Stockbroker.

Ronda Stryker’s Children

Michael Stryker

Ronda and Johnston are having three children. Michael Stryker is the elder son born in 1984 who is working in Chicago. Megan Stryker was born in 1985 and completed her Master’s Degree from New York University in Public Administration in 2013.


The youngest child is Annie Stryker who was born in 1991 and completed her graduation from the Vanderbilt University.

Ronda Stryker’s Net Worth


Ronda has proved that only having inheritance is not enough to become rich. One has to work hard to sustain the inheritance and keep moving forward. It is her hard work and dedication that keeps floating to keep the Stryker Corporation running. She is currently having a net worth of $4.5 Billion.