Ryan Graves – Family, Family Tree

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Ryan Graves is known to be an American billionaire entrepreneur. Currently he serves as the SVP of Global Operations at Uber. He used to serve as the general manager and CEO of Uber but he was replaced by Travis Kalanick, one of the founders of Uber.

Early Life and Background

Ryan Graves Young

He was born in the year 1983, in San Diego, California. Graves received his high school education from the Horizon High School. After that he attended Miami University in order to pursue his bachelor degree in Economics. Graves is also a brilliant surfer and photographer.

Marriages and Relationships:

Ryan Graves Family

Ryan Graves is married and he is blessed with one children.

Career Achievements

Ryan Graves Achievements

Ryan Graves was the first employee to be recruited at Uber. He used to serve as a database administrator at General Electric health care before joining Uber. He also worked at Foursquare as an unpaid intern of business development.

Ryan Graves Story

In the year 2010, Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, tweeted about the requirement of an entrepreneurial product manager. Ryan saw the tweet and replied “heres a tip. email me :)” along with his email id. After that he got selected as the CEO of Uber. He contributed largely as the CEO of this company before Travis Kalanick replaced him in late 2010.

Ryan Graves

Ryan Graves worked hard to learn the start up game. He had to incorporate the tasks of building the team and allocating drivers in each city of the United States. Ryan has contributed largely to make the entire team of Uber. He is the one behind the huge growth and success of the company in areas like Southeast Asia and China.

Net Worth

This famous entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of US$1.5 billion.


Ryan Graves and his family reside in San Francisco, CA.