Sheldon Solow – Family, Family Tree

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Sheldon Snow is a real estate developer in New York, USA. He is also the CEO of Solow Reality and Development as well as Solow Management, which is an affiliated company of the former.

Sheldon Snow

He is the son of a bricklayer who immigrated from Russia and a homemaker from Brooklyn. He was born in 1928 in Brooklyn and raised by a Jewish family.

Early Life:

After dropping out of college, he started his real estate business. In1962, he demolished and re-developed a rental building by investing $4 million in it. IN 2013, his property had assets that exceeded $200 million.


He then donated $11,000 to causes related to arts, culture as well as social. Some of the recipients of his donations include American Friends of the Israel Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, Archaeological Institute of America, and the Jewish Museum in Germany.

Sheldon Solow’s Family

Wife: Mia Fonssagrives

Mia Fonssagrives is Sheldon Solow’s wife. She is a sculpture and jewelry designer. Mia is the daughter of a Swedish Model, Lisa Fonssagrives, and a French photographer, Fernand Fonssagrives. Sheldon and Mia have two children together and the whole family lives in New York City.

Child: Stefan Soloviev

Stefan is Sheldon Solow’s son. He is a part of the family’s real estate business. He also looks after an agriculture conglomerate which is based in Colorado as well as New Mexico. He stands at 54th rank among the largest landowners in the United States.

Net Worth


Sheldon Solow’s real time net worth is estimated to be $4.4 billion according to the data presented by the esteemed Forbes magazine. In 2013, his assets’ value increased to $450,000 and his donations to $40,000. These donations were also aimed at arts, cultural and social issues. Solow also established a ‘Sheldon Solow Scholars Fund’ at the Institute of Fine Arts. Two professorships were also established by him- one in architecture and the other being in modern art.