Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller – Family, Family Tree

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Early Life:


Druckenmiller’s full name is Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller. He was born on 14th June 1953 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Druckenmiller studied at Collegiate School, Richmond, Virginia.

Stanley Freeman

In 1975, he earned his BA degree in English and Economics from Bowdoin College. While studying, he got the Alma mater. Druckenmiller left three-year PhD program in Economics at the University of Michigan. He joined as an oil analyst for Pittsburgh National Bank.

Family of Stanley:

Father: Stanley Thomas Druckenmiller

Thomas was a chemical engineer who married to Anne after finishing his college. They both fell in love in their college days. Later with time, Thomas and Anne decided to divorce each other. When they took divorce, Stanley Freeman was in his elementary school. The divorce created impact on his personal life as well.

Mother: Anne Druckenmiller

Anne Druckenmiller gave birth to three children in which two of them were daughters and one was son. Anne fell in love with Thomas and they married soon. When Stanley Freeman was still growing, Anne took divorce from Thomas and that severely impacted Stanley Freeman’s life.


Helen Druckenmiller:

She is one of the two sisters of Stanley Freeman.

Sally Druckenmiller:

She is another sister of Stanley.
In earlier days, both the sisters used to live with their mother Anne in Philadelphia while Stanley Freeman used to stay with his father Thomas.
The children grew up in a middle-class household in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He lived with his father in Gibbstown, New Jersey and moved to Richmond, Virginia.

Personal Life

Druckenmiller has been married twice. In 1976, he married his high school sweetheart but divorced in 1980. In 1988, Druckenmiller married Fiona Katharine Biggs, niece of investor Barton Biggs. They have three daughters. The family lives in New York City, New York.
Net Worth: According to Forbes, the real time net worth as of 3/22/17 is $4.7 Billion.


His profile is in the book titled, The New Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager. Druckenmiller donated $300,000 total to the Presidential candidacies of Christie, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich (2015). He donated $705 million to foundations that support medical research, education, and anti-poverty. Druckenmiller gave $100 million gifts to found a Neuroscience Institute at NYU School of Medicine.