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Stefan Quandt is an engineer, businessman, industrialist and philanthropist of German origin. He is currently the Deputy Chairman of the supervisory board of luxury automaker giant BMW. Stefan inherited a majority of BMW’s share holdings after the death of his father.

Stefan Quandt

Apart from this, he also holds a majority of stakes in other companies such as CEAG, Logwin AG, Heel GmbH and CeDo. He is known to be very giving and charitable and supports the community by making huge sums of donations to various organizations.

Let us now look at the grand Quandt Family

Quandt Great-Grandparents – Emil Quandt & Hedwig Draeger Quandt

Emil and Hegwig Quandt were the great-grandparents of Stefan. Emil, his great-grandfather was a textile manufacturer. He had inherited the business after getting married to Hedwig Draeger.

Quandt Grandparents – Gunther Quandt & Antonie ‘Toni’ Ewald Quandt

Gunther Quandt

His grandfather Gunther was the man behind the empire of BMW and Altana. Altana is a company that deals in manufacturing of chemicals. With his first wife, he had two sons. Gunther was a supporter of Hitler and the Nazi Party. He died of Spanish flu in 1918.

Quandt Parents – Herbert Quandt & Johanna Quandt

Herbert Quandt

Herbert Quandt was Stefan’s father and the second son of Gunther Quandt. He, too, just like his father, was the supporter of Nazis. After two failed marriages, he married Johanna Bruhn, who worked as a secretary in his office at the time. She is the mother of Stefan Quandt. The couple had a daughter too. His previous two marriages produced a total of four children altogether.

Quandt Siblings – Susanne Quandt Klatten

Susanne Quandt Klatten

Susanne is the only sister that Stefan has from the same mother. She, just like her brother inherited a major portion of BMW’s shares after her parents’ death. Susanne married Jan Klatten in 1990 and the couple has 3 children together.

Quandt Half-Siblings – Silvia, Sonja, Sabina & Sven

stefan quandt family

Stefan has a total of four half-sisters and brothers from his father’s previous two marriages.

Quandt Spouse – Katharina Quandt

Stefan married Katharina in the year 2005. She is a Software Engineer by profession and supports her husband in many philanthropic causes. They have one daughter together.

Quandt Children

Stefan has just one daughter as of now. She was born on 31st December, 2005.

Net Worth

Stefan Quandt Image

As of 2015, Stefan Quandt has a net worth of 13.2 billion USD. This makes him the 59th richest person in the world and the 7th richest in Germany.