Thomas Peterffy – Family , Family Tree

by Celeb

Thomas Peterffy is an American businessman and philanthropist, born in Hungary. He is known as the founder of the Interactive Brokers Group, of which he is the current CEO and Chairman. Thomas also founded the Boston Options Exchange which is a TMX Group operated automated exchange company.

Thomas Peterffy

Born in 1944, in Budapest, Hungary, he had managed to escape to the United States as an immigrant and went on to graduate from the Clark University attaining his bachelor’s degree. Thomas is a significant figure in developing the electronic trade of securities all across the United States and the world. He is one of the first people to buy a seat on the American Stock Exchange and is known for being highly charitable.

Let us now look at the great Peterffy Family

Peterffy Parents – Ferenc (Ocsi) Peterffy

Thomas Peterffy was born to Hungarian parents in the basement of a hospital as the country was air raided by the Russian planes. They had no means of income and were dependent on the mercy of the government to provide them food and shelter. His father divorced his mother only to get married to her first cousin who was also Thomas’ aunt. Thomas had a really rough childhood and had to work his way up in life.

Peterffy Spouse – 2 ex-wives & Lynn Wheat

Lynn Wheat

Thomas has been married and divorced twice so far in his life. From these relationships he had a total of 3 children. He is currently dating Lynn Wheat, who is a socialite from Greenwich.

Peterffy Children – 3 children

Thomas Peterffy has three children from his first and second wife. Not much is known about his children as they like to lead a private life and remain out of the limelight.

Net Worth

As of 2015, Thomas Peterffy has a net worth of 14.1 billion USD. This makes him the 114th richest person in the world and the 46th richest in the US.

Thomas Peterffy Image

From being born in a war destroyed Hungary and escaping his country at a very young age to pursuing his American dream, Peterffy has sure come a long way and has accomplished all that he actually might have dreamed of achieving in life. A self-made business mogul, Thomas was born as Tamas Peterffy and changed his first name to Thomas to fit the American living. With only a little over 100 dollars handed to him by his father, Thomas pursued his goals and ended up becoming one of the wealthiest people in the world.