Zhou Qunfei – Family, Family Tree

by Celeb

Zhou Qunfei is an imminent entrepreneur of China. She is the founder and CEO of the company “Lens Technology”. Her company deals with the cover glass or touch screens that are used in mobile phones, laptops, iPhone etc.

Zhou Qunfei

She has collaborated with industry against like Apple, Samsung etc. Her company became a public listed entity in the Shenzhen ChiNext market on March 2015. Thereafter, she became the richest women in China. Apart from this, she is also the world’s richest self-made woman.

Early life

Qunfei was born in the year 1970 Xiangxiang in Hunan province in China. Owing to poverty she quit her school education at the age of 15. After that she began working as a migrant worker in Shenzhen which is a special economic zone in Guangdong province.

Zhou Qunfei Early Career

Zhou had a keen desire to acquire knowledge. Due to which she opted to work for companies which were near the Shenzhen University.In subsequent years, she acquired certifications in diverse trades which include accounting, computer operations, customs processing etc. She also obtained license for driving vehicles for commercial purpose.

Family Background


Zhou Qunfei’ father was a craftsman and her mother a homemaker. Her father lost his vision during an accident prior to her birth. She comes of a very poor family. When she was hardly 5 years old, her mother died. She was raised by her blind father.

Siblings and Cousins

Zhou Qunfei is the youngest among all her siblings. She has an elder brother and a sister. She also has two cousins. All of them later helped her to start her business set up.

Marriages and Children

Zhou Qunfei first took the wedding vows with her former factory boss. But, within a few years they got divorced. They have a son together. Later, Zhou married her long time friend, Zheng Junlong. He is currently serving as a board member of Lens Technology. They are blessed with a girl.


Zhou Qunfei Career

Zhou Qunfei started working in a small watch parts manufacturing firm. But within a few years, the firm closed down. By that time she acquired a savings of about HK$20,000. Zhou started her own firm in 1993.In the year 2001, lady luck favored her and she got the big break of her career. She was successful in gaining a lucrative contract from TCL Corporation which is considered to be the electronic goods manufacturing giant in China. They hired Qunfei’s firm to make screens for their mobile phones.

Zhou Qunfei Lens Technology

In the year 2003, Zhou established the “Lens Technology”. The brand specializes in manufacturing touch screens. With the able leadership of Qunfei, the company has become one of the top touch screen manufacturing companies in the world today. Her brand has collaborated with many industry giants such as Apple, Samsung Electronics and Huawei. As per media reports, the Apple will use the glass and sapphire crystal screens from “Lens Technology” for their mobile watches.

Zhou Qunfei

With cutting edge business tactics and hard work, Zhou Qunfei is successful in establishing 11 business set ups. As per the media reports of April 2015, she is providing employment opportunities to about 60,000 individuals. Currently she has a net worth of $ 7.4 billion