Giorgio Armani Family

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Giorgio Armani is an icon in the fashion designing industry. He initially started out as a fashion designer but later expanded his business to hotels and restaurants. He belongs to Italy. His company Armani was formed in the year 1975 and by 2001 he was able to create his niche in the fashion industry. He became the most popular fashion designer who came from Italy.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani initially aspired to make a career in medicine and become and doctor. He studied in Department of Medicine in the University of Milan. After 3 years of studying medicine, he joined the Army and discontinued his education. Due to his entrée in medical field he was given a promotion. A career in army or medicine did not interest him much and he decided to change his career.

Armani left armed forces and joined as a window dresser for a departmental store. He worked at the menswear department and gained experience in marketing strategies. Later he moved to Nino Cerruti where he designed men’s wear for the first time.

Giorgio designed costumes for many Hollywood Movies. The count is more than hundred.  One of those popular movies is The Untouchables released in the year 1987.

In the beginning of 1980’s, his “Power Suits” for both women and men became very popular. Two years later, in the year 1982 he appeared on the cover page of Time Magazine. He was the first fashion designer who got a chance to appear on Time.

Armani Family Profile

Armani family

Let us take a look at celeb profile of the Giorgio Armani and his family tree

Armani Parents – Ugo Armani and Maria Raimondi

Giorgio Armani was the son of couple Ugo Armani and Maria Raimondi Armani. The couple had another daughter and son apart from Giorgio Armani. He had an older brother and a younger sister

Armani Siblings – Sergio Armani and Rosanna Armani

They were three siblings; Sergio Armani, Giorgio Armani and Rosanna Armani

Giorgio Armani Net worth

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s net worth is currently $8 billion. The main source of his wealth is from fashion designing.

Giorgio Armani has a lot of interest towards sports as well. He is president of Inter Milan Fan and Basketball team, Olimpia Milano. He designed suits for many teams like England National Football Team, London Club, 2006 Winter Olympics flag bearer outfit, 2012 Summer Olympics uniform for Italy team. He has also designed costumes for many celebrities and pop stars like Lady Gaga and many popular shows like 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and 52nd Grammy Awards.

This fashion icon Giorgio Armani has received many awards and recognitions like –

CFDA International Award in the year 1987

Bambi Award in 1998

Gentlemen’s Quarterly Man Of The Year in 2006 and

Bambi For Creativity in the year 2009

Giorgio Armani ranks among the top and most popular fashion designers across the globe till date.