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Robert Cornelius Murphy, popularly known as Bobby Murphy, is the co-founder of Snapchat, originally known as Picaboo. He is a 27-year-old Filipino-American billionaire businessman residing in Venice, Los Angeles. Murphy recently bought a $2.1 million two-bedroom house located close to Snapchat’s new offices at 63 Market Street in Venice, CA.

Early Life

Bobby Murphy

Bobby was born in 1989. He completed his education in Berkeley, California. After attending The School of the Madeleine, he joined Saint Mary’s College High School. He completed his graduation from Stanford University. He also became a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity house where he met Evan Spiegel, co-founder of Snapchat. They met Mark Zuckerberg just after the launch of Snapchat. Before Snapchat, Murphy and Spiegel created a college guidance website “Future Freshman.” They were working on the startup website to help school kids get advice while applying to colleges. However, it failed to attract users. Future Freshman was renamed to the Toyopa Group, which owned Snapchat.

Family Background


His mother grew up in the Philippines and his father in America. Rosie L. Go, his mother, emigrated from the Philippines to the United States, and raised him in Berkeley, California. Richard Cornelius Murphy, Jr., his father, work for the state of California as a government employee, of Scottish, English, and Irish descent.


Bobby Murphy Early Life

Bobby is famous for producing the spectacular disappearing-image messaging app. As per media reports he turned down an offer of $3 billion from Facebook. In December 2013, Murphy bought a house for over $2 million in Venice, California. Snapchat is an app which lets users send photos messages to contacts with captions and a timer that “disappears” in 10 seconds or less. Snapchat continues to capture tons of interest from investors as it has almost 100 million daily active users. Brown was working with Spiegel and Murphy on the Picaboo.

Bobby Murphy Career

So, he thought he had equity in the Toyopa Group, while Spiegel and Bobby thought they had the equity of the Toyopa Group which they got from Future Freshman. The partnership between Evan Spiegel, Murphy and Frank Reginald Brown IV ended in 2011 to prevent Brown from doing any further work for the app. Co-founders Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel mentioned in court documents that co-founder Reggie Brown never had any equity in the Snapchat. Brown filed complaint against the company claiming that he has been robbed of his stake. Sources and court documents proved that Brown was nicely involved in the early stages of the app. Spiegel admits that Brown gave the idea to him of disappearing-messages app and they asked Murphy to join and program the app.

Bobby Murphy Story

He likes to work on his own projects and but hates to give job interviews. He was recently recorded as the 1,250th richest person in the world, by Forbes Magazine, with a guessed net worth of just more than $1.8 billion. Murphy majored in mathematical and computational science. Murphy and Spiegel, with a third fraternity brother, Frank Reggie Brown IV, launched Snapchat in 2011.