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Reid Hoffman is a well-known venture capitalist, entrepreneur and author. Hoffman’s name associated with brands like PayPal, Linked In and Grey lock. He was born on 5 August 1967 in Standford in California. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley.

Reid Hoffman

Hoffman was born in Stanford, but he grew up in Berkeley. During his early years, he attended The Putney School. On the education front, he is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts/ Science from the Standford University. In 1993, he earned a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the Oxford University. He further got a degree in Symbolic System from Standford University.

He always believed that an entrepreneurial career would provide him a much-needed platform. He started working in the product management department of Apple computers and Fujistu. Hoffman co-founded his first company by the name, which was an online dating service.

Hoffman is known as one of the first employees in the PayPal business, which was later sold to EBay. In the year 2003, he co-founded the social networking company called LinkedIn. He acted as the CEO for the first four years. Before that, he was the Vice President at PayPal.

Hoffman Family Profile

Reid Hoffman Family

Let us take a detailed look at the family of Reid Hoffman

Hoffman Parents: Deanna Ruth Rutter and William Parker Hoffman

Reid was born to Deanna Ruth Rutter and William Parker Hoffman in Standford, California. His father was a real estate agent. His paternal grandfather was the president of Indiana University and Presbyterian minister Theophilus Adam Wylie.

Hoffman Spouse: Michelle Yee

Michelle Yee

Michelle Yee is the wife of this distinguished business tycoon. She was Hoffman’s college sweetheart. The couple tied knot in the year 2001. The two married in a simple way before a justice of the peace and three witnesses. Hoffman and Yee are happily married and based in Palo Alto in California for the last 10 years. Yee also sits on the board of directors of many organizations. She controls more than 40 percent stake in

Hoffman Family Net Worth:

The entire net worth has been made by Hoffman out of the self-made resources. According to the Forbes 400 ratings in the year 2014, Hoffman’s real time net worth is $ 4.2 billion, making him rank 120 on the list. He was also rated at 65th position by Forbes magazine in the world’s most powerful people list. In 2012, Forbes Midas List has ranked Hoffman on the third position for being one of the top tech investors.

Reid Hoffman

He was also honoured with the David Packard Medal of Achievement Award in 2012 by Tech America for his contribution to the community, humankind and high tech industry.

Hoffman is associated with a number of other organizations like Do Something, Kiva.Org, Mozilla, Endeavor Global etc. and many other upcoming organizations.

On the philanthropic end, he served on the Board of Directors of Do something. The organization helps younger generations to bring social change.