Louise Blouin – Family, Family Tree

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Louise Therese Blouin is one of the top names in the world publishing industry. Amongst her many designations are CEO and President of Louise Blouin Media and Chairwoman of the Louise T Blouin Foundation. Her name stands out in the arena of philanthropy as well.


Making an endeavour towards highlighting the impact of culture and creativity in matters related to world issues; Louise established the Loiuse T Blouin Foundation in 2005. The organisation aims at comprehending matters of international cultures and concern by breaking through the barriers of political boundaries.

Let us look at the family of Louise Blouin 

Blouin Parents

Her parents ran their own company dealing with insurance. Louise’s father did not keep very good health. In fact, he ailed since Louise was born. Starting with kidney issues, his health deteriorated gradually over a span of 15 years. He eventually died of cancer, when Louise was just 15 years old. Yolande, Louise’s mother is still alive. Although she prefers to live in Montreal, she is 80 and visits Louise in the summer season. Yolande has been a fighter and go-getter in her own life and tried to inculcate the same ideology within her children as well.


Blouin Siblings

All the five siblings of Louise live in Montreal. One of Louise’s sisters, Helen is married into an extremely affluent family. Her husband, Paul Desmarais Jr is the son of Paul Desmarais. Helen’s father-in-law is the official head of the Power Corporation of Canada with a net worth of 3.9 billion dollars.

Marie is the older sister of Louise, whom she lived with after the death of her father. Marie was financially independent at that point of time.

Blouin Spouses – David MacDonald Stewart and John MacBain

In 1980, Louise tied the knot with David MacDonald Stewart. He belonged to the MacDonald tobacco family hailing from Canada. However, the marriage was extremely short lived and the wedlock was terminated in a year’s span. The reasons for separation remain unknown.


Louise got married the second time to John MacBain, an Oxford graduate. Commencing with the acquisition of Auto Hebdo, a magazine dealing in trading of cars, the couple handled several business ventures together and minted money in collaboration. Business profile varied from publications to real estate to media. However, this relationship also witnessed its end around the year 2000, with Louise filing for divorce. John re-married and now resides in London.

Children of Louise Blouin

Louise has children from her second marriage to John MacBain. The couple have three children, all of whom are presently teenagers. The eldest is a daughter, Alexandra. She is 17. Charles, their son, is 15 years old and the youngest daughter Tara is 13. After the divorce, both parents have been granted equal custody of the children.

Louise Blouin Net Worth


The net worth of Louise Blouin is estimated to be about US$637.5 million.