Joe Biden – Family, Family Tree

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Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, who has been jointly elected twice with Barrack Obama, is known to the world as the current Vice President of the U.S.  Being a senior member of the Democratic Party, Joe represented Delaware from the year 1973 until gaining the position of the Vice President in 2009.

Joe Biden

Early Life and Background

Young Joe Biden

He was born in 20th November, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania and stayed there for ten consecutive years before shifting to Delaware.  As a kid he struggled with a stammering problem but eventually he overcame his speech disorders.

Joe Biden Early Life

He received his high school education from the Archmere Academy located in Delaware. During his high school days, Biden was highly involved with the high school basketball team and football team. His playing skills garnered both the teams with several victories and awards.

Joseph Biden

Talking about his studies, Joe Biden was an above average student. He was gifted with the leadership spirit from the early days of his life and thus, he was selected as the class president during his high school days.

Joe Biden Early Life

After graduating from high school in 1961, Biden attended University of Delaware. He earned his bachelor’s with a double major in political science and history in 1965. He used to be actively associated with the Blue Hens freshman football team during his college days.

Family Tree


Joe Biden is the offspring of Joseph Robinette Joe Biden Sr. and Catherine Eugenia Jean Biden. His father worked as a used car salesman and a cleaner. Biden recalls his parents as the one who taught him a lot about how to be hard working, focused and ambitious.


Joe Biden Siblings

Biden has a younger sister named Valerie and two younger brothers named Frank and James.

Relationship and Family Life

Family Relationships

Joe Biden married his university girlfriend named Neilia Hunter in 1966. In 1972, Biden lost his wife and daughter named Naomi Biden in a massive car accident which severely injured both of his sons, Hunter and Beau. Bidden was so frustrated with the mishap that he considered to commit suicide. However, the support and encouragement of his family members helped him to carry on with his responsibilities of his sons and his career.  In 1977, he married Jill Biden and the couple is blessed with a daughter named Ashley.  In the year 2015, the Vice president suffered another personal loss when his son Beau, who was a victim of brain cancer, passed away.

Career Highlights

After completing his bachelor’s, he enrolled in Syracuse University College of Law. He earned his doctor of law in 1968. After a year, he got involved with the Delaware bar association and the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden Career

In 1970, Biden started working at the New Castle Country Council. A year later, while serving for the council, he inaugurated his own law firm.

Joe Biden Career

In 1972, the Delaware Party encouraged Biden to stand in the election against the renowned Republican incumbent J. Caleb Boggs for the US Senate. After running a tireless campaign mainly organized by his family members, he made history by becoming the fifth youngest U.S senator.

Joe Biden Career

He served a flourishing and distinguished Senate career during 1973 to the year 2009.  Biden took an initiative to compete for the US presidency in 1987. But due to some health issues he dropped out from the campaigns in 1988. After surviving a seven month healing period, he returned to the Senate.

Twenty years down the line, in 2007, he decided to run for the U.S presidency once again. Unfortunately, his campaigns and initiatives failed to generate much attention in a sector widely dominated by Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama.

Joe Biden With Barack Obama

In 2008, Joe Biden along with Barrack Obama defeated the republican ticket of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain. In the year 2009, Joe Biden, who is unquestionably one of the most renowned political figures of recent time, became the 47th Vice President of U.S. The estimated net worth of Joe Biden stands for $5 million.