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Joshua James Duggar was born on 3rd March, 1988 in Tonti town, Arkansas. He was raised as a Christian. He is well known for his roles on reality television named ‘19 kids and counting’ which focused on his life and his family.

Joshua James Duggar

He is the former Executive Director of FRC Action, a political Action Committee (PAC). Before being a political activist he was a car salesman.

Family of Joshua: Mother and Father

Mother and Father

Jim Bob Duggar is the father of Joshua Duggar. He was born on 18th July, 1965 in Springdale, Arkansas. He is the son of Lee Duggar and Mary Lester Duggar. He has an elder sister named Deanna. He is an author, a licensed real estate agent, politician who is also known for his role in reality TV series with his son and the family. He was the member of Arkansas House Representatives from 1999 to 2002. His mother is Michelle. His parents have 19 kids among who Joshua is the eldest. He along with his wife wrote two books together named Duggars: 20 and counting and A love that multiplies released in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

Life partner of Joshua:

Life partner of Joshua
Anna Keller is the wife of Joshua Duggar. They got married on September 26, 2008. They have four children namely: Mackynzie Renée who was born on October 8, 2009, Michael James born on June 15, 2011, Marcus Anthony born on June 2, 2013 and Meredith Grace born on July 16, 2015. They owned a used car dealership in Arkansas till 2013. Later in 2013, they moved to Washington DC while James joined FRC Action. In the mid of 2015 he resigned from FRC.

Siblings of Joshua:

Siblings of Joshua
Jill Michelle Dillard is the sister of Joshua and was born on 17th May, 1991. She is the second daughter in the family and is a reality TV actor. She became a certified Professional Midwife in September 2015. She married Derick Dillard on November 2013 and has one son named Israel David Dillard. Derick is a graduate in Accounting and worked as Wal-Mart Tax accountant till 2015.
Jessa Lauren Seewald is the sister of Joshua Duggar. She was born on November 4, 1992 in Tonti town, Arkansas. She is an American television actor who is well known for role in reality show ‘19 kids and counting’ and ‘Jill and Jessa: counting on’. She also wrote the book ‘Growing up Duggar: it’s all about relationships’ with her siblings Jana, Jill and Jinger Duggar.

Early life and career of Joshua Duggar:

Early life and career of Joshua Duggar

Joshua was homeschooled and received the General Equivalency Diploma when he was 16 years old. Joshua did not attend college. He was a used cars salesman and later in 2008, he worked in the campaign of a former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee. In some of the other campaigns he conveyed the message of the importance of family, faith and freedom in America. The campaigners hired him as a youth icon and his already famous name in the Television industry. He is also against the practice of abortion, divorce and gay-marriage and believes in conservative ideas.


He was admitted in a rehabilitation centre in August, 2015. As reported to the media, it was just to make him more disciplined and close to the environment.
USA Today named Joshua Duggar’s publicity despair one of the Top 10 big scandals of 2015.
His name was listed among ‘Top 10 Worst Halloween- Costume Ideas of 2015.’
Slate and E! Magazines especially published advice against his Halloween costume.

Halloween costume
He was accused of molesting under-age girls in 2015. In the same year he was listed among the ‘15 People Hated most in 2015’ because of the various charges held against him.
He was then enrolled in a program by his father, assisting him with counseling.

Net worth of Joshua Duggar:

Net worth of Joshua Duggar:

The reality television star has a net worth of $200 thousand.