Michael Bloomberg Family

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Michael Bloomberg is one of the top 50 richest people in the country of America. Michael Bloomberg is a noted political figure having served as the 108th Mayor of the city of New York. He held the office for three terms and made his mark on the city.

Michael Bloomberg

He is the founder and the person responsible for the success and growth of his media company and financial data company, the Bloomberg L.P. He still owns 88% of the company and serves as the chairman and CEO.

He is also a noted philanthropist and big business magnate in the US power and business circles.

Bloomberg – Family Profile

Let us take a bird’s eye view on the personal profile of the Bloomberg family, starting with the patriarch Michael Bloomberg himself.

Michael Bloomberg: Born to William Henry Bloomberg and Charlotte Rubens Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg was born in a rather humble family in the city of Brighton. His father was a real estate agent. Bloomberg’s grandfather had immigrated from Russia and was a Jew. He lived most of his life in the Medford and graduated from college there itself. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Bachelor’s in Science in Electrical Engineering and went on to do his MBA from Harvard.

Bloomberg’s Siblings– Younger sister Marjorie Tiven

Mr. Bloomberg has a younger sister named Marjorie Tiven who has been associated with the United Nations as Commissioner of the New York City Commission.

Michael Bloomberg’s Wife – Susan Brown

Michael and Susan Brown got married in 1975. As the time went by and Michael Bloomberg steadied himself on the ladder of success, Susan was there as a pillar of strength and support. He was laid off in 1981 from Salomon Brothers with a good severance pay. He used the severance pay wisely by starting his own business and establishing Bloomberg L.P. During this period, Susan stood by him through thick and thin. Michael and Susan went their separate ways in 1993 after their divorce. They still claim to be best of friends.

Today, Michael Bloomberg lives with his partner, Diana Taylor.

Children of Michael Bloomberg and Susan Brown

  1. Emma Bloomberg born on May 10, 1979 (age 35 years)

Emma Bloomberg, the eldest of the two daughters of Michael Bloomberg has made her mark in the field of philanthrophy and heads the Bloomberg Philanthropies along with her younger sister. Emma is a leader in US philanthrophy and highly active in the US public policy circles and contributions.

Emma holds an MBA like her father from Harvard and also holds a degree from Princeton University. Emma worked with the New York City government for 3 years.  She also worked for seven long years for the Robinhood Foundation that works with more than 200 NGOs to fight poverty in New York City as well as the rest of the nation.

Emma currently works as Chair of the Stand for Children, a group focused on education for children.

  1. Georgina Bloomberg born on 20 January 1983 (age 31)


Georgina Bloomberg


Georgina Bloomberg, much like her elder sister, is active in the philanthropic division of her father’s business house. She is a trained professional who is active in equestrian and participates in numerous equestrian events and competitions.  She is also a member of the Friends of Finn which works towards better treatment of puppies and dogs.

Ramiro Quintana is Georgina Bloomberg’s partner and they have a son together.

Michael Bloomberg’s Grandchildren

Jasper Michael Brown Quintana

  1. Jasper Michael Brown Quintana born on December 24, 2013 to Georgina and her partner is the only grandchild of the millionaire.

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth

Michael Bloomberg’s family net worth currently stands at $32.8 Billion and he is the 16th richest person in the world.