Mikhail Dmitrievich Prokhorov Family

by Celeb

Call him a politician, a financial wiz, metallurgist or a sports enthusiast, Russian billionaire Mikhail Dmitrievich Prokhorov is a Jack of all trades and certainly master of many.

Mikhail Prokhorov

The Industrialist

Prokhorov is a Russian industrialist. He owns major stakes in multinational corporations and precious metals sector. He was a popular former President of ONEXIM Group. He was also the chairman of Russia’s largest gold producer, Polyus Gold. Under his leadership, Norlisk Nickel emerged as biggest producer of nickel and palladium.

He graduated from Moscow Finance Institute and gathered relevant experience in the financial sector before he became a leading industrialist in Russia.  He now wants to bring productive reforms in Russia.

After selling off Norilsk’s non-mining assets he modernized a highly complex mining operation involving icebreakers which were used to transport metal over the frozen Arctic region. He made a successful investment in Finnish freighter that did not require icebreaker.

The Politician

Mikhail Prokhorov

These successes propelled him to enter politics in 2011. He surprised Russia in 2012 presidential race where he stood against strongman Vladimir Putin. Not many expected him to win but he bagged eight per cent of the votes, even though he ran an unexceptional campaign. He also established a new Russian political party – Party of Civic Platform.

The Sportsman

The 6-foot-8-inch bachelor is an avid martial arts enthusiast and a highly skilled Jet Skier. He owns the NBA team Brooklyn Nets and moved them into a new arena in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards.

The Rewards

Prokhorov was awarded the Order of Friendship in August 2006 for making significant contribution to Russia’s economic potential. He was also given the French Legion of Honor in 2011.

Prokhorov Family Profile

Prokhorov Parents- Dmitri Prokhorov and Tamara

Dmitri Prokhorov trained as a lawyer and took care of international relations for the Soviet Committee of Physical Culture and Sport. His wife Tamara Prokhorova was a materials engineer at the Institute for Chemical Machine-Building. Both died in their 50s.

Prokhorov Spouse – None

Mikhail D Prokhorov is a bachelor

Prokhorov Sibling(s) – Irina

Irina Prokhorova

Irina is a publisher who heads the Cultural Initiatives Foundation established by Prokhorov.

Prokhorov Family Net Worth

Forbes estimates Prokhorov’s net worth to be $9.9 Billion as of October 2014. Dubbed the ‘billionaire bachelor’ Prokhorov is number 39 on the list of world’s billionaires. As the chairman of Polyus Gold, he once controlled nearly 40% of its stock.

In February 2013, he sold 37.8% share of Polyus Gold International Ltd. for $3.6 billion. He is still in acquisition mode. In December 2013 he bought 27% stake in the world’s biggest producer of potassium fertilizers Uralkali from billionaire Suleiman Kerimov. Today he also has 20% stake in RusAl, world’s biggest aluminum producer. The wide array of other investments through the Onexim Group add to his wealth.

Mikhail Prokhorov

Ambition and risk go hand in glove. This universal truth is best exemplified by Prokhorov. From a cosy billionaire to struggling politician, Prokhorov’s will to make a difference is remarkable.