Serge Dassault – Family , Family Tree

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Serge Dassault is a French businessman, heir, politician and philanthropist. He is known for being the Chairman and CEO of the Dassault Group and a conservative politician. Serge was born on April 4, 1925 in Paris, France, into an influential family.

Serge Dassault

Apart from being a member of the Union for a Popular Movement party, he has been selected as Mayor and Senator during his political career so far. Dassault Group basically deals in the aviation sector through its company Dassault Aviation. Other subsidiaries of the Group include Dassault Systemes, Dassault Falcon Jet, Sogitec, Lummen, Le Figaro and SABCA.

Let us now look at the esteemed Dassault Family.

Dassault Parents – Marcel Dassault & Madeleine Minckes

Marcel Dassault

Serge’s father was Marcel Dassault, a prominent French businessman who is credited for establishing the Dassualt Group. He was born in Paris and was Jewish. Marcel invented an aircraft propeller which was used by the French Army in World War I. He got married to Madeleine, who was the daughter of a wealthy Jewish merchant and the couple had two children.

Dassault SiblingsClaude Dassault

Claude is Serge’s only brother. He, along with his brother inherited the family wealth and serves as the Managing Director of the Dassault Group.

Dassault Spouse – Nicole Raffel

Nicole Raffel

Serge Dassault got married to Nicole Raffel in the year 1950, on July 5. The couple has a total of four children; three sons and a daughter.

Dassault ChildrenLaurent, Olivier, Thierry & Marie-Helene

Laurent Dassault

Laurent Dassault

Laurent Dassault is the oldest son of Serge and was born on July 7, 1953. He is the Deputy CEO of the Dassault Group and is known for being a passionate collector of art. He also runs a wine manufacturing company on the family property of Château Dassault.

Olivier Dassault

Olivier Dassault

Olivier Dassault is the second oldest child of Serge and is a politician and businessman by profession. He currently serves as the Deputy in the French National Assembly. Olivier was born on June 1, 1954 and is a graduate of Ecole De l’Air Air Force Academy along with a master’s in mathematics and a doctorate in computer business systems.

Thierry Dassault

Thierry Dassault

Thierry Dassault  was born on March 26, 1957 and is the youngest son of Serge. He is the COO of Dassault Group.


Marie Helene

Marie-Helene is the youngest child and the only daughter of Serge Dassault.

Net Worth

Serge Dassault

As of 2015, Serge Dassault has a net worth of USD 15 billion. This makes him the 62nd richest person in the world and the 4th richest in France.