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Malcolm Stevenson Forbes, Jr. was born on July 18, 1947. He plays the role of Chief Editor for the world famous Forbes magazine. He is the son of Malcolm Forbes and the grandson of B.C. Forbes, who founded the magazine.


Steve Forbes Family

Let’s take a look at the Steve Forbes family tree.

Steve Forbes’ Parents

Malcolm Forbes

He was born on August 19, 1919 as son of B.C. Forbes, the originator of the magazine. He was a student at Lawrenceville School and later on graduated from Princeton. For his service in the army he received a Bronze star and Purple-heart. He was an active member of the senate of New Jersey from 1951 to 1957 and applied for the Governor of New Jersey before taking over the magazine due to the death of his father and brother.

Roberta Remsen

She was born in Englewood, New Jersey, graduated from the Shipley School and the New York school of interior design. She actively participated in local charities such as the Red Cross. Her father Robert was among the partners of a brokerage organization called Laidlaw and company.


Steve Forbes Siblings Christopher Forbes and Tim Forbes

Christopher Forbes

He is the Vice Chairman of the prestigious Forbes Company. He attended St. Marks School and graduated from the University of Princeton.  Christopher had a enthusiastic curiosity in fine works of art and collecting rare articles. With his father Malcolm, he was involved in the restoration of the Château de Balleroy in France, and Old Battersea House. He has also written books, on the topic of art.

Timothy Forbes

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Forbes magazine. He attended Marks school and graduated from Brown. He started with the organization in 1986, when the acquisition of the American Heritage Division had been negotiated by him for the Forbes group. Before joining the Forbes group, he had already worked independently as a producer and also as a screenwriter. His documentaries have been televised on the popular network channel PBS in the US.

Steve Forbes Children

Moira Forbes

She was born July 19, 1979 has a degree in Arts from Princeton University and graduated the program for Leadership development from Harvard Business school.

She joined Forbes media in 2001 and relocated to the New York office in 2003. She founded the Forbes Executive Women’s board to harness talented women in workplaces and she is also the publisher of Forbes Woman dedicated to women in business roles and leadership in organizations.

Catherine Forbes

She is a film producer and actress

Sabina and Roberta Forbes

They are twin sisters. Roberta Forbes is a quiet and reserved individual, who would not be looking for attention, in the words of Sabina, her sister.

Steve Forbes Net Worth

Steve Forbes net worth is estimated to be approximately US $ 430 million.