Joe Lewis – Family, Family Tree

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Joseph C. Lewis was born on 5th February 1937 in Bow, London. He is an 80 year old British businessman and investor. He is the chairman of Tavistock Group found in 1975 with headquarters at Bahamas.

Joseph C. Lewis

The company is engaged in various fields like distribution and logistics, oil, gas and energy, sports, resorts and restaurants, etc. He is also known as Joe and is the sixth wealthiest person in the UK. He is ranked as the 9th richest Person in the UK.

Wife and Children:

Wife and Children:
His father was engaged in running a catering business named West End of London and Joe helped him.
Joe Lewis’ first wife is Esther Browne. They got divorced and have two children together; Vivienne Lewis Silverton and Charles Lewis who lives in Argentina. Joe Lewis’ second wife is Jane Lewis. They live together in Lyford Cay, Bahamas.



Vivienne Lewis Silverton is one of the Board of Directors in Tavistock and runs the family’s Isleworth Foundation. She was married to Toby Silverton who was the chairman of Bristol Cars but the couple got divorced. She is the ‘heir’ of Joe Lewis’ business. Vivienne’s daughter Joanna recently gave birth to her first daughter Charlotte in London. She is Joe Lewis’s first great-granddaughter.

Early life and Education of Joe Lewis:

Early life
He was born in a Jewish family and left his school when he was 15 years old. After a few years, he took over the family business and expanded it by selling luxury goods to American tourists. In 1979 he sold the family business and shifted towards currency trading in late 1980s. He and George Soros started betting on pound crashing in European exchange Rate Mechanism which in turn made him very wealthy. He is an active Forex trader till date.

Joe Lewis’ Career:

Joe Lewis’ Career:
Joe Lewis is the primary investor in the Tavistock group. He is continuing to expand his business across the globe in countries like Argentina, China, USA, UK, Poland, Sweden, etc. His company organizes sports events like Tavistock Cup, SportingWins, etc. The Tavistock group has also invested in various restaurants and resorts like Freebirds World Burrito, St. Regis Atlanta, and Isleworth Golf & Country Club.
He also aims to expand his project on Lake near Orlando to make it one of the fastest growing communities in USA.

Joe Lewis

He is also partnering with Major League Soccer’s Orlando City SC to build a 23-acre training facility. He is also one of the owners of a luxury resort called Albany in Bahamas along with Tiger Woods and Ernie Els and plans to expand it further.

Interests and Accomplishments of Joe Lewis:

Joe Lewis is the owner of the English Premier League football clubs called Tottenham Hotspurs.
He is also the largest shareholder of UK’s largest pub operator, Mitchell’s and Butlers plc.
He is a major investor in a multinational corporation, Tavistock Group which owns over 200 companies across fifteen countries in various fields like resorts, restaurants, sports teams, private luxury properties and a hospital.

Tavistock Cup tournament
He owns three clubs that compete in the Tavistock Cup tournament which is hosted every year in Florida.
He is an ardent art lover and has art collection worth $1 billion including art work by Picasso, Matisse, Henry Moore, etc.

Net worth of Joe Lewis:

According to the Forbes Lists, Joe Lewis’ net worth is $5.6 Billion. He was listed at rank 248 in the Top Billionaires of 2016. Lewis also owns a 220ft super-yacht Aviva built in the year 2007 which he uses as his personal mobile office on Thames River near Tower Bridge. He owns homes in Argentina, Florida also along with the Bahamas.