Michael Schumacher – Family, Family Tree

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Michael Schumacher is a retired Formula One racing driver, known for his incredible winning performances across the world Grandprix. He was the winner of the Formula One World Championship 7 times. He has been honored with the title of Laureus World Sportsman of the Year twice.


He is an ambassador for UNESCO and a spokesperson for driver safety. He slipped into a coma in 2013 after a head injury in a skiing accident. Currently, he is undergoing rehabilitation.

Michael Schumacher Family Tree

Let us read about Schumacher’s Family Tree.


Michael Schumacher Parents – Rolf Schumacher and Elisabeth

Rolf was a bricklayer. He took on a second job of renting and repairing karts to fund Schumacher’s kart racing.


Elisabeth worked in the canteen of the karting tracks.

Michael Schumacher Siblings – Ralf Schumacher, Sebastian Stahl (step-brother)

Ralf Schumacher


Born – June 30, 1975

Married – Cora-Caroline Brinkmann

Ralf is a retired Formula One racing driver. He, along with Schumacher, are the only siblings to have won races in Formula One. He retired in 2012 and took up a managerial role in DTM, helping mentor young drivers. He has a son named David (born October 23, 2001).

Sebastian Stahl


Born – September 20, 1978

Married – Unknown

Sebastian is Schumacher’s step-brother and a racing driver. He drove in the VLN endurance series at the Nurburgring for Airnergy Motorsport. He also drove at A1 Grand Prix for A1 Team Germany in 2006.

Michael Schumacher Spouse – Corinna Betsch


Born – March 02, 1969

Corinna is the European Champion in Western Riding. She married Schumacher in 1995. She organizes international equestrian competitions. She supports PETA, an animal rights organization.

Michael Schumacher Children – Gina-Maria, Mick


Schumacher has 2 children – a daughter, Gina-Maria (born 1997) and a son, Mick (born 1999). Since he is very protective of his family’s privacy, there is not much information about his children.

Michael Schumacher Net Worth


Schumacher’s current net worth is US$ 520 million. He is ranked #20 on the World’s Highest-Paid Athletes list and #19 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list.