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A billionaire software entrepreneur Dietmarr Hopp is one of the founder members of the SAP SE (System analysis and program networking).This is a German based software conglomerate which works in the arena of business operations and customer relations. Hopp, who was an employee of IBM, left the company with four other colleagues and formed SAP SE in the year 1970. Hopp retired from SAP in the year 2005.

Dietmarr Hopp

Early Life

Early life

Dietmarr Hopp was born on26th April 1940 in Heilberg, Germany. Hopp completed his degree from University Karlsruhe in Master of Science. In the beginning Hopp was working for IBM as a Software Developer and later on with four other friends he left the company and formed SAP SE.



Dietmarr Hopp is married to Anneliese Zeuner and they both have two children Daniel Wolfgang Hopp and Oliver Hopp. Dietmarr Hopp also has a brother known as Ruediger Hopp who is a biotechnology investor and a co- owner of Dievini Hopp Biotech Holding.


After completing his degree in Master of Science, Hopp joined IBM as a software developer. There along with his colleagues Klaus Tschira, Hans- Werner Hector, Hasso Platner and Claus Wellenreuther, he was working in various projects. At one point of time these five people left IBM and formed SAP SE. In the beginning at SAP, Hopp was the Chief Executive Officer and was responsible for various facets of the company like Sales, Business Development and Communication. Later on in the year 1998, he got shifted to the supervisory board and was the chairman of the company till 2003. In 2005 he retired.


Hopp co- founded life science investment firm, Dievinni Hopp Biotech building. He achieved success after forming SAP and few years later started doing social work. Hopp invested a lot in various new biotechnology firms which undergoes research on various things. Along with work, Hopp have an immense interest in the game of soccer.


In his childhood days he was a terrible soccer fan and even played for the German soccer club, TSG Hoffemian where he is the main financial backer at present. In the year 1995 Hopp established an organization known as Dietmar Hopp foundation as a part of philanthropy  which provides support to various social, educational, medical and sports activities. ‘Alla hopp’ which was related to sports was one significant project by the foundation and another was a cancer therapy support project.


Along with soccer, Hopp also has a keen interest in Golf and due to which he purchased Le Domainee de terre Blanche , a resort which has two large golf courses from Sean Connery, the famous James Bond actor.


Dietmarr Hopp along with his various achievements has also been awarded with the Order of Merit of the federal Republic of Germany from the president in the year 1992. He was also awarded the Great Cross of Merit of the federal republic of Germany. In the recent years SAP is operating successfully with thousands of employees where Hasso Plattner is the chairman and Bill McDermott is the CEO.