Celine Dion – Family, Family Tree

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Celine Dion has one of the most recognizable voices in the industry. Known to have sung one of the most iconic songs. In her lifetime, Dion won several awards for impeccable songs and her choice of lyrics. To date, she had won seven American Music Awards trophies and five Grammys. Along with that, she also won several other coveted awards all over the world.


Céline Marie Claudette Dion was born in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada on the 30th of March, 1968. Her career has been long and consistent. Her song ‘My Heart will goon’ is considered one of the most recognizable songs and to date, remains a popular choice. Her very first real hit English song was the title song of the Disney movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’but she had started her careerwhen she was 12 years old. Celine sent a recorded demo tape and won instant recognition.


Dion is known for a clear mezzo-soprano voice and her five-octave range that can sing great ballads. Her technical skill and abilitywith her voice has been greatly admired by many singers. She served to be an inspiration to newer successful signers like Adele, Christina Aguilera, Josh Groban, Taylor Swift, etc.


Dion’s Parents

Celine Dion was born to Adhémar and Therese Dion and is the youngest of fourteen children of the couple. Adhémar was a butcher and his wife was a homemaker. The family was Roman Catholic and quite poor. However, she considered her childhood to be happy. She grew up in a musically inclined family which was close-knit and encouraged her talents. She was named after a French song that had been released two years before her birth.


Dion’s Siblings

She has eight sisters, Claudette, Ghislaine, Linda, Liette, Louise, Pauline, Manon and Denise. She also has five brothers, Clément Dion, Paul, Jacques, Michel Dondalinger andDaniel.

It was her brother Michel who sent her first recording to René Angélil and got her noticed for the first time.

Dion’s Spouse


Celine Dion met her husband, René Angélilfor the first time when she was 12 years old. He was the producer and manager who received her demo tape. At that time René was managing a popular French singer, Ginette Reno. He invited Celine to perform for him in person and her talent impressed him.


He signed her immediately and mortgaged his home go that he could produce her first album, La Voix du bon Dieu. They started dating when she was nineteen years old and he was forty five in 1987. They wereengaged in 1991 and married in Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal on 17th of December 1994. The couple renewed their wedding vows in 5th of January 2000 in Las Vegas.

Dion’s Children


Celine has three sons with her husband René. They were all conceived through in-vitro fertilization after she failed to conceive naturally. Her eldest son was born in 25th January 2001 and was named René-Charles Angelil. She gave birth to a set of fraternal twins in 23rd October 2010 to Nelson Angeliland Eddy Angelil.

Dion’s Net Worth


As of December 2014, Celine Dion has the net worth of $630 million.