Rush Limbaugh – Family, Family Tree

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Rush Limbaugh is an acclaimed, right-wing radio talk-show host and is one of the most heard, conservative voices in the United States. He was born Rush Hudson Limbaugh III on 12 January 1951, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. From a very young age, he was determined to work in the radio industry. There seemed to be nothing else that could hold his attention as well as a radio could.


He started his career in 1970s but his divisive, very conservative dialogue quickly made Rush unpopular. The man was fired from stations in Missouri and Pennsylvania before landing a job as a radio host in the KFBK station based at Sacramento, California.

His radio talk show became very popular and in less than a year, he was the top radio talk-show host out of Sacramento. He quickly developed a reputation for being staunchly right-wing and conservative. He took this reputation with him when he was signed on by ABC Radio to host The Rush Limbaugh Show.

The show proved to be immensely successful and propelled him to being the best radio talk-show host in United States. Soon he was publishing books, guest-starring in other radio and television shows. He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1993.


Rush Limbaugh Parents

Rush Limbaugh comes from a very prosperous family. His paternal grandfather, Rush Limbaugh Sr. was the United States’ ambassador to India during President Eisenhower’s term. He was also an attorney with a career of around 80 years and was considered one of the oldest practicing attorneys in United States when he retired at the age of 102.

Rush’s mother was Mildred Limbaugh and Rush Limbaugh II was a lawyer. He was also a United States fighter pilot in World War II. His brother, David Limbaugh is also a conservative political commentator.

Rush Limbaugh Spouses

Rush Limbaugh has been married four times and divorced thrice.

His first wife was Roxy Maxine McNeely. She was a sales secretary at the WHB radio station in Kansas City. They married in September 24, 1977 when he was 26 years old. Their separation was formalized on July 10, 1980.

Limbaugh married his second wife in 1983. Michelle Sixta was a college student at the time and also worked at the Kansas City Royals Stadium Club. There were some problems in the marriage and the couple formally separated in 1990 after seven years of marriage.


Rush met his third wife on the online service CompuServe. At that time, Marta Fitzgerald was a 35 year old Aerobics instructor and they married on May 27, 1994. They maintained the marriage for ten years before filing for divorce and formally separating in December 2004.

Rush met his current wife, Kathryn Rogers soon after the divorce. She is a party planner from Florida and they were together for three years before getting married on 5th June 2010.

Rush Limbaugh Children

Rush Limbaugh has no children.

Rush Limbaugh Net Worth


Rush Limbaugh has an estimated net worth of $350 million.