Vin Diesel – Family, Family Tree

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Mark Sinclair might not be a popular name. But, Vin Diesel surely is. He has not only has gained fame through his various works, he has created an attitude which youngsters find appealing. Sometimes people give up on their real identity to create something much bigger and better. It is so in Vin’s case. Giving up his real name has not made a dent in his life or his career. The world knows him by his pet name Vin Diesel the man who brought Dominic Toretto, the beloved Fast & the Furious character, to life.


Vin and His Woman

Vin has been in a committed relationship with Mexican beauty Paloma Jimenez. The couple has three children – Hania born in 2008, Vincent who was born in 2010 and Pauline, who was born on 2015. The youngest daughter has been named fater Paul Walker who passes away in a tragic car accident in 2013.

Vin Desiel Paloma

Being a private man, Vin has succeeded in protecting his person life from the glare of media flashlight. However, there are things which can never remain concealed for a long time. A rumour of Vin’s personal life and hidden affairs have started making rounds in Hollywood. The buzz of the moment is that everything is not wall in Vin and Paloma’s love nest. Is she walking out? Well, that is not confirmed yet. But, a tremor has surely passed through the supposedly solid haven of the couple.

Vin Diesel Paloma Jimenez

Vin started dating Paloma on 2007. Soon the couple moved in together. This has led to a nine year old solid relationship which seemed to be growing stronger by the day. However, it is said that Vin has kept on cheating his girlfriend during the time they had been together.

Vin Desiel1

An insider has claimed that he has been leading a double life for a year now. It is in a party he has met some and soon the meeting turned into a steamy affair. It is also said that Vin has been involved with many married women in the past.

Vin Desiel2

Paloma takes this as a wakeup call and decided to get back to work as a model, a career which she has left happily to mother her three children.

Paloma Jimenez

This entire episode however is being denied by the close friends of Vin claim that the rumour is just that – rumour. It is true that the claim of unfaithfulness is not based on any solid fact. The media does not have any proof that Vin has been in fact unfaithful to Paloma. They have waved the story off as 100% untrue.

Vin Desiel Family



If anything has taken Vin off the ground and set him on the throne it is Fast & The Furious franchise. The character he played has made a difference and now has become more than just a reel life racer. However, the action thriller XXX also demands a mention as this movie has been one of the Vin’s memorable ones. The character of Xander is being brought back once again. With the return of Xander and Furious 8 getting ready to hit the theatres, Vin’s fans have many things to rejoice.