Alexei Navalny – Family, Family Tree

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Alexei Navalny hails from Russia and is a lawyer by profession. Born as Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, he also happens to be a politician as well as a financial and political activist. His criticism against the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin and the corruption in the country, has gained him a lot of prominence over the past decade. In fact, his popularity has grown so manifold that The Wall Street Journal actually quoted him as being the man whom Vladimir Putin fears the most. He is a nationalist democrat and the leader of Progress Party which was formerly known as People’s Alliance. He is also a member of the Russian Opposition Coordination Council. Over the years, Navalny has been arrested for a number of reasons, the most serious one being in 2012, when he was accused of fraud and embezzlement. In 2013, he was convicted for embezzlement and sentenced for five years. He was later put under house arrest and is not allowed to communicate with anyone other than his immediate family.


Alexei Navalny Parents – Anatoliy Navalny and Lyudmila Navalnaya

Of Ukrainian and Russian descent, Alexei Navalny was born on 4th June 1976. His father, Anatoliy Navalny belonged to Zalissia which is a village in Ivankiv Raion in Ukraine. His mother, Lyudmila Navalanaya belonged to Russia. Alexei was born in Butyn in Moscow Oblast. He grew up in a city called Obninsk, which is about 100km from Moscow. However, he spent his summer vacations in Ukraine which is where his grandmother lived.

Alexei Navalny’s Brother – Oleg Navalny 


Oleg Navalny is Alexei Navalny’s younger brother. In 2012, when Alexei was held for embezzlement issues, his brother too was embroiled in the whole ruckus. Both the brothers were convicted and sentenced for five years. However, later due to the intervention of his lawyers and the confession of Oleg, Alexei’s sentence was suspended and he was put under house arrest. Oleg on the other hand was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

Alexei Navalny’s Wife – Yulia Navalnaya


Alexei married Yulia Navalnaya in 2000. The couple has two children – a daughter named Dasha Navalnaya and a son named Zahar Navalny.

Alexei Navalny’s Children 


Dasha Navalnaya (Daughter) Zahar Navalny (Son)

Alexei Navalny’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Alexei Navalny’s net worth is about $200,000.